Digital DressUp

For this very special contest, Side Effects joined forces with the good folks at Mixamo and Polycount to bring models, motion and cloth fx together. With this event, we encouraged all the artists to let their imagination run wild and empower them to leverage some of the latest 3D animation and cloth simulation technology to give life to their character and easily turn abstract ideas into high quality 3D art.

The results are fantastic and show creativity in many different areas. More than just a modeling contest, the winners had to consider motion, cloth, textures and staging to create their final look. And in many cases, they were using the Mixamo and Houdini workflows for the first time. It was great to see what great artists can do when working out of their comfort zone.

Congratulations to all the entrants!



Winning Entries


Guedin | Nicolas Garilhe


Harmless | Jim Gaczkowski




Kozlove | Denis Kozlov


Notable Entries


Senor Chewy | Jesus Bibian


Jaignite | John Aljo Ignite


Jim Crafton


Nacer Tag


To check out the list of prizes at the Mixamo website click the Learn More button.



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