Houdini Frictional Viscosities In Motion
Published: May 25, 2013 for Houdini 12.5

This video is based around the theme of Learn, Test & Create. Produce a Jiggly/Squishy effect without heavy techniques. Learning how to add Microsolvers into Houdini's solvers using a ready made group of microsolvers wrapped in a digital asset. Next they will cover a workflow for testing the different parameters of a simulation. As sometimes there are many different values to try, They will set up a simulation and run it many times with certain values changed - then bring them all side-by-side for comparison. Create an exploding egg with elasticity, setting up egg white and egg yolk in a cool slow motion scene. As a bonus chapter, they will create an "Exploder" digital asset and import forces for use in Fluids / Pyro / RBD. This video also looks at some brand new Houdini 12.5 features such as Open VDB tools and the Point Wrangle node.

Instructor | Craig Tonks

Craig Tonks is a young VFX Artist out to create beautiful and exciting images. With an MA in Digital Effects and a growing number of VFX jobs under his belt the future is bright and fun! His passion for playing in Houdini whilst combining both artistic and technical methods makes for fun and explorative videos.