Anaheim Convention Center
July 21-25, 2013

At this year's SIGGRAPH conference, Side Effects Software returns to meet with the CG community and talk about the tools and techniques that make Houdini the best procedural node-based solution in the world.

In addition to a booth where we will be running a variety of presentations, Side Effects will be holding a User Group where the community can come together and take a peek into the future. Throughout the show, we will also be holding education and training sessions for you to further develop your Houdini skills.

Houdini User Group

Join us on the evening of Tuesday, July 23 for the Houdini User Group. This evening of all-things-Houdini takes place at the Hilton Anaheim, just steps away from the Anaheim Convention Centre. Learn about new technologies from Side Effects and watch presentations from industry speakers who will show you how they have leveraged the power of Houdini in their most recent projects.


7:00-8:00: Check-in/Registration
8:00-10:00: Presentations
10:00-11:30: Networking/Catered Reception


Houdini User Group Presenter Line-Up

ELECTRONIC ARTS | Ivan DeWolf, Software Engineer

Ivan is a seasoned industry veteran who will provide his insight about the many possiblities with Houdini Engine, as well as discuss with us Houdini's role at EA.


DIGITAL DOMAIN | Jeremy Hampton, Effects Lead

Jeremy will take Houdini users through complex VFX work on G.I. Joe: Retaliation; showing the use of Houdini dynamics on the spectacular explosion of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (at 1 billion voxels, the biggest simulation that Digital Domain has ever created), and SOP geometry on a ‘living’ disguise and face transformation.




Andrew Schneider, FX Technical Director

Chris Chapman, FX Technical Director

Diego Garzon, FX Technical Director


Andrew, Chris and Diego together will rundown their VFX work from the recently released animated film Epic. They'll specifically focus on how they developed "The Vision Effect" by generating an interactive particle-based hologram for the film using point clouds, volumes and sampling along with a custom fluid solver made of microsolvers. They'll also discuss how they worked with direcatble FLIP fluids as well as procedural texturing.


Houdini Booth | #557

At our booth, you can sit down in our theater and learn more about Houdini from both Side Effects demo artists and customers talking about real-world projects ranging from film, commercial and video game productions. There is a busy schedule planned and we look forward to meeting with you and finding out what challenges you face in your work.

Booth Schedule


Meeting Room

If you represent a studio looking for a one-on-one demo or wish to talk to someone about integrating Houdini into your pipeline, you can contact us for a private meeting. Please get in touch with your Side Effects Software account rep to arrange a meeting or email us at

Houdini Education Events

From Sunday July 21st to Wednesday July 24, Side Effects Software is offering a wide range of FREE training sessions and informative talks that are being delivered by Houdini product specialists as well as industry experts. These sessions are taking place at either the Anaheim Convention Center or the Hilton Anaheim, just steps away from the convention center.



Houdini Training | HILTON ANAHEIM, 777 W Convention Way, Huntington Room ABC
Sunday, July 21

Join us for Houdini training delivered by Side Effect Software's own Scott Keating and Jeff "Old School" Wagner. Learn how to use Houdini to create cutting-edge visual effects and explore Houdini's Mantra rendering pipeline. These classes are co-sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Education committee.

Birds of a Feather | ANAHEIM CONVENTION CENTER, Room 203B
Monday, July 22

As part of the Birds of a Feather talks organized by the SIGGRAPH Education committee, the following sessions demonstrate the ways in which artists and students are creating amazing art with Houdini.

SIGGRAPH Talks | HILTON ANAHEIM, 777 W Convention Way, Carmel Room, 4th Floor
Wednesday, July 24

Designed for educators, students and any artist who is curious about Houdini, these talks take you through a variety of workflows and projects. Learn how Houdini can be applied to real projects and explore ways of using it as a tool for learning and education.