H13 Masterclass | Bullet
Published: Nov 29, 2013 for Houdini 13

This Masterclass brought to you by 3D Software Developer Cameron White will focus on two significant additions to the Bullet Solver in Houdini 13.

The RBD Packed Object is a new object representation that allows large numbers of RBD objects to represented very efficiently, and improves the performance, memory usage, and scalability of the Bullet Solver. This Masterclass also introduces users to this new approach to Bullet simulations, and covers some of the new workflows that are possible (such as using POP nodes to manipulate RBD objects).

The other main topic covered is constraint networks, which allow artists to procedurally create RBD constraints of any type (such as glue, spring, or pin constraints). Some of the topics covered here include creating constraint network geometry, the Connect Adjacent Pieces SOP, and using a SOP Solver to modify or break constraints during a simulation.


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