Houdini Engine Update FAQ
April 22, 2014

faq.pngSide Effects Software is proud to announce the planned releases of Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D and Maya along with licensing and pricing information. Studios can build custom plug-ins using the Houdini Engine API today while artists will soon have access to plug-ins for products such as MAXON Cinema 4D and Autodesk® Maya.® Plug-in source code will be available on GitHub to encourage the development of plug-ins for more host applications.

To learn more you can read the news article or review the following FAQ.



Q Can I use the Houdini Engine today?

You may use the Houdini Engine with plug-ins you create with the Houdini Engine API. You can also test the Engine in Maya and Unity for free during the testing period. A license will be required when the plug-ins are officially released.


Q When will the Cinema 4D plug-in be released?

The planned release is before the end of 2014.


Q When will the Maya plug-in be released?

The Maya plug-in will go into testing on May 1 on Windows, LINUX and Mac OSX. The planned release is in mid-July.


Q When will the Unity plug-in be released?

The Unity plug-in will remain in experimental testing. More information will be available later this year once Unity 5 has been released.


Q How much do the Houdini Engine plug-ins cost?

The Plug-ins are available for free, however, they do require a Houdini Engine, Houdini or Houdini FX license to run. When the plug-in tries to load a Houdini Digital Asset then an appropriate license is checked out.


Q Where can I find Houdini Engine API documentation?

You can find the Houdini Engine API documentation at http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hengine.


Q Why is the plug-in source code being posted on Github?

To encourage contributions from the community and to allow studios to create customized versions of the plug-in. You can modify this source code and compile your own versions of these plug-ins, and you can contribute your source code changes back to be incorporated into the official plug-ins that ship with Houdini.


Q Where can I find the source code on Github?

You can find the source code for the Maya plug-ins and the Unity plu-in on the Side Effects Github page.


Q How much do the Houdini Engine licenses cost?

Houdini Engine workstation licenses will be available for $499 annually while floating licenses for use in a single facility will start at $795 annually. Volume pricing will be available for floating licenses.


Q Can I use a Houdini or Houdini FX license to run the Engine?

Yes. With a workstation license you can run the Houdini interactive licenses and the Houdini Engine on the same computer at the same time. With floating licenses, you can call a Houdini or Houdini FX license to run the Engine or you can use a more affordable Houdini Engine license.


Q Why are the Houdini Engine and Houdini Batch license being merged?

To make it easier for studios to manage multiple licenses, the new Houdini Engine license will have two purposes. First it will run the Houdini Engine inside host applications and second it will run batch processes on the farm. Those batch processes could come from Houdini itself or from a host application using the Engine on the farm.


Q How can I get my Houdini Batch licenses swapped for the new Houdini Engine licenses?

Please contact your account rep. We will start this process on May 1st. You will need to return the Batch licenses and they will be replaced with Engine licenses.