Thomson Course Technology Releases
The Magic of Houdini by Will Cunningham

Thomson Course Technology has just released The Magic of Houdini, the first ever Houdini book written by Will Cunningham with contributions by Peter Bowmar, Jason Iverson and Dave Johnson. Will has created this book as a comprehensive introduction to Houdini and its procedural approach to working in 3D.

The book includes exercises, tips, and illustrations to help you develop skills in a number of different areas, including modeling, particle effects animation, dynamics, shading, digital asset creation, and rendering. It is written for beginner to intermediate users and includes real-world examples as told by industry professionals.

Will has worked as an intern at Side Effects Software before going into production at Rhythm and Hues Studios and Sony Pictures Imageworks. He has also taught Houdini at the Academy of Entertainment and Technology.


This book has been tested and approved by Side Effects Software and is designed to work with the Houdini Apprentice Edition which gives students the chance to go through the lessons with access to free software. The book is written for Houdini 8 and includes a chapter on the new dynamics features found in this new version. This book can be used for self-study or as the basis of a Houdini visual effects course.

Below is a sample chapter for you to download and read. These few pages from the Particle chapter provide a glimpse of the in-depth information being made available for the first time in print.


You can also visit the Thomson website for more details, including a list of chapters and support files for the lessons. You can also go to to get your own copy of The Magic of Houdini. This book offers an exciting opportunity to develop Houdini skills and add a little bit of magic to your 3D work.

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