Whether you are bringing characters to life or creating high-powered visual effects, the ability to freely animate anything and everything is critical. Houdini not only lets you animate any parameter but with transition nodes such as switch and blend you can easily animate back and forth between completely different networks. The resulting motion can then be processed through Houdini’s procedural motion editing system called CHOPs for even greater control.

Animator-Friendly Workflow. Animators can easily set keyframes on selected objects then edit the results in either the timeline, channel editor or dope sheet. Channel groups can be created and pinned to make it easy to set many keyframes on multiple parameters to block out motion. Houdini has other animator-friendly tools such as Heads up display (HUD) handles that provide quick access to key parameters.

Flipbook Blocking. Houdini’s flipbook can be set up to only play back frames where your character has been keyframed. The flipbook plays back in real-time and holds the frames based on their proper timing. Animators can then quickly move the frames around in the flipbook to adjust the timing then export the results back into the 3D scene. A real time-saver on the production floor.

Advanced Motion-Editing Tools. Houdini’s procedural motion editing environment called CHOPs lets you either build up motion using a node-based workflow or import keyframed motion, run it through motion filters, then send the results back to its original parameters. These tools offer a completely new way of manipulating motion-data that will open up all sorts of creative possibilities.


Keyframe workflow

  • Set keyframes on any parameter in Houdini
  • Intuitive controls and shortcuts for keyframing, including cut, copy, and paste, allow animations to be created with ease
  • Edit keys in either the Channel Editor, Dope Sheet, Table View or directly in the Playbar
  • Use channel lists and channel groups as a great organizational tool for rapidly setting keys
  • Blend Pose tool gives you set driven key behaviour with one or more drivers
  • Auto Key toggle for fast blocking of key frames
  • Audio can be inserted directly into the playbar for timing animation to a sound track
  • Clamp playback speed to ensure an accurate frame rate

Path Animation

  • Animation of an object along a curve with keyable parameters for position and roll
  • Viewport handle control for position and roll of objects animated on a curve
  • Edit and update the motion path after animation has been established


  • Flipbook lets you quickly review the motion and timing of your animation by capturing an image of the viewport at each frame for playback in real time
  • Output the animation as an image sequence or play it directly in Houdini’s MPlay video window
  • Sound files can be attached to test out how your shot is working with audio

Procedural Animation and Motion Editing

  • Motion FX feature gives artists and animators access to the power of CHOPS. Motion FX can either work with or take the place of keyframed animation. You can add Motion FX to individual parameters or whole groups of channels.
  • Expressions can be written that provide more explicit control over the motion of a parameter without setting keyframes
  • Link any channels together for complex inter-relationships and animation
  • Create Channel CHOPs and put your keyframed animation into Houdini’s Channel Operator level to edit the motion procedurally
  • Create bounce, jiggle, springs, lag, area and slope that you can apply to pre-animated data channels to add heightend realism to any part of your character, deforming geometry, or particle system in Houdini
  • Process motion in real-time utilizing time stamp technology built in to the motion editor

Sound Creation and Editing

  • Full support for loading and processing audio at high sample rates
  • Trim, shift, EQ, change pitch or calculate the spectrum of the incoming audio in real-time
  • Synthesize your own audo using oscillators, ADSR filters and more
  • Trigger sound effects based on any channel used as a trigger