Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 18.5.464 Fixed an issue where trigger button's RMB menu caused deadlock when there is another menu open. Wed. January 20, 2021
Houdini 18.5.381 Fix deadlock in the Rig Pose and Compute Rig Pose SOPs when it has parameters that contain single threaded expressions like point(). Thu. October 29, 2020
Houdini 18.5.206 Added HAPI_SaveNodeToFile and HAPI_LoadNodeFromFile to save and load node networks in current Houdini Engine session. Fixed up a deadlock in SessionSync when main thread calls into HAPI. Bumbped HAPI version. Fri. May 8, 2020
Houdini 18.5.20 Fix a potential deadlock or crash when loading BGEO or SOP data onto a USD stage. Mon. November 4, 2019
Houdini 18.0.157 Fixed an occasional deadlock when starting Mantra. Thu. July 4, 2019
Houdini 18.0.93 Fixed a deadlock in the HQueue Server which could occur when upgrading client machines on the farm. Wed. May 1, 2019
Houdini 17.5.109 Fixed a potential deadlock in the hdefereval module if multple threads tried to add deferred function calls at the same time. Sun. December 16, 2018
Houdini 16.5.239 Maya: Fixed a Python deadlock when modifying the asset node through Maya's Python. Wed. September 20, 2017
Houdini 16.5.184 Fixed a rare deadlock that can occur in various cases when a piece of geometry has between about 4000 and exactly 9216 primitives, all of which are either polygons or tetrahedra. Wed. July 26, 2017
Houdini 16.5.180 Fixed a rare deadlock when binding implicit @P or @N when running over primitives in the Attribute Wrangle and Attribute VOP SOPs, as well as the Geometry Wrangle and Geometry VOP DOPs. This also affected the binding of implicit @N when running over vertices, and possibly a few others. Fri. July 21, 2017
Houdini 16.5.108 Avoid potential deadlock drawing a network editor pane with a Subnet SOP. Wed. May 10, 2017
Houdini 16.0.488 Fixed a deadlock that occasionally occurred when calling the expandprimgroup VEX function with varying values for the group string parameter. Fri. January 13, 2017
Houdini 16.0.398 Fix occasional deadlocks when cooking other SOP nodes inside VEX wranglers. Fri. October 14, 2016
Houdini 16.0.395 Fixed a deadlock refining procedurals (including packed primitives) in Mantra. The specific case identified involved material stylesheets, but the deadlock may have affected other cases too. Tue. October 11, 2016
Houdini 16.0.81 Fixed deadlocks on Mac OSX caused by a failure to bind to TBB. Mon. November 30, 2015
Houdini 16.0.40 Maya: Fixed a few more places that can cause a Python GIL deadlock. Mon. October 19, 2015
Houdini 16.0.6 Fixed a deadlock in mantra when updating a style sheet with IPR that uses a SHOP based CVEX script for one of its overrides. Tue. September 15, 2015
Houdini 15.0.216 Fixed major deadlock building acceleration structure before raytracing in Mantra. It occurred most often when rendering with a large number of packed primitives referencing the same sufficiently complicated geometry, with a large number of threads. Wed. August 26, 2015
Houdini 14.0.221 Maya: Fixed threading deadlock on Maya 2015. Wed. January 21, 2015
Houdini 14.0.179 Fixed possible deadlock issue loading VEX from multiple threads. Wed. December 10, 2014
Houdini 14.0.116 Maya: Fixed Python deadlock when calling "houdiniAsset -loadAsset" from Python. Wed. October 8, 2014
Houdini 14.0.110 Fix deadlock with new pcfind() class of VEX functions. Wed. October 1, 2014
Houdini 13.5.130 Fix deadlock that could occur when evaluating invalid channel references on Object nodes. Fri. April 4, 2014
Houdini 13.5.64 Fix false positive deadlock errors when evaluating expressions from multiple threads. Tue. January 28, 2014
Houdini 13.0.231 Eliminate a potential deadlock when VEX code is invoked during the execution of another VEX shader. Mon. November 11, 2013