Houdini Main Changelogs


Fixed potential memory leaks in a proxy object API.

Fri. January 21, 2022

Fixed a bug where syntax highlighting in the textport could access freed memory.

Thu. December 16, 2021

Fixed issue when loading a hip file where the view commands from the desktop file would override those from the hip file.

Wed. November 3, 2021

Fixed bugs where finding the closest handle in screen space to the current mouse position did not work properly in multi-viewport layouts.

Thu. October 28, 2021

Added a workaround to an Nvidia compiler regression in their 495 drivers and above. This should fix GLSL compiler errors causing missing geometry

Wed. October 27, 2021

Fixed breakpoint selection on NURBS surfaces.

Mon. October 18, 2021

Fixed a bug in the Smooth 2.0 SOP that could result in a crash when the input geometry contains unconnected points.

Sat. October 16, 2021

Updating the EULA to version 2021-10-13.

Fri. October 15, 2021

Fixed an issue with spotlight shadowing in the viewport that could cause excessive shadowing.

Wed. September 15, 2021

Added the option to clear the PYTHONPATH variable before starting the Houdini Engine server, and when the asset is viewed in Houdini via the "View Assets in Houdini" menu item.

Tue. September 14, 2021

Fixed a bug with collision velocity merging when using the pyro solver SOP. This bug was present when using SDF + Volume Velocity.

Mon. August 30, 2021

Added the sidefx::maya_parm_syncs_asset parm tag. This tag notifies Maya that a full asset sync should be performed when the parm is modified.

Fri. August 27, 2021

Fixed a bug where sesinetd could log invalid information to the peak usage file. This would cause the parser to fail.

Mon. August 23, 2021

Fixed an mplay crash when loading some deep raster images.

Tue. August 3, 2021

Fixed an alembic crash in the viewer when mixing deforming alembics with other non-alembic primitive types.

Thu. July 29, 2021

Fixed a crash when linearizing deep raster images with mixed data formats when loaded through the File COP.

Wed. July 28, 2021

Fixed bug where the New Project dialog file chooser was not set to choose directories.

Wed. July 21, 2021

Fixed bug where SOP states with multiple selectors triggered the cleanup of previous selectors twice.

Fri. July 16, 2021

Fixed bug where the desktop menu would overwrite memory when opened with more than 20 entries.

Tue. July 13, 2021

Fixed potential crash rendering cryptomatte layer with packed primtives, if the matching user property wasn't declared on the primitives.

Mon. June 28, 2021

Added a Neighbor Group parameter to POP Steer Separate, which specifies the points that are considered when searching for nearby agents.

Mon. June 21, 2021

Fixed crash on hip file load that could occur trying to set a radial menu with the setting of a current desktop not yet fully processed.

Tue. June 1, 2021

Added the ability to specify the HAPI connection timeout. This is useful if Houdini takes a long time to start.

Wed. May 19, 2021

Fixed an issue where empty particle system primitives were ignored by SOP Import.

Fri. April 23, 2021

Added an option to the Crowd Trigger's raycast mode to use the agent's orientation to determine the ray direction rather than the agent's velocity. This can work better for stationary agents or for locomotion where the agent's velocity is in a different direction than where the agent is facing.

Fri. April 9, 2021