Houdini Main Changelogs


Fixed a bug where syntax highlighting in the textport could access freed memory.

Thu. January 6, 2022

Fixed bug where the desktop menu would overwrite memory when opened with more than 20 entries.

Tue. July 13, 2021

Fixed an error message that stated a maximum of 5 redirects was hit when being redirected to https URLs. Instead the program will ask to be upgraded to support the non-HTTP protocol.

Tue. November 17, 2020

Add HOUDINI17_COMPATIBILITY environment variable for old cracktransform behaviour prior to 17.5.320 which can result in better (but equivalent) results by having less negative scale values.

Tue. October 27, 2020

Fixed an issue on the GLTF SOP causing vertex normals to import incorrectly.

Thu. October 22, 2020

Fixed a bug where the uniform scaling knob on the axial style scale handle did not work properly when the handle had a large apparent world space size.

Mon. September 28, 2020

Fixed the issue when sending an http(s) request to hserver would cause the server to hang.

Fri. September 18, 2020

Fixed incorrect scrolling in input fields when marking text using the shift key.

Thu. September 10, 2020

Fixed an issue where groups comprised of edges were not being passed into Houdini properly.

Thu. August 27, 2020

Fixed some failsafe code in the view state protecting the user against badly interpreted mouse interactions after a view layout change to also handle pick events.

Thu. August 20, 2020

Fixed a bug where quitting Houdini with an open viewer in certain paint states would access already freed memory.

Wed. August 12, 2020

Fixed bug in the Edit state where hitting a move tool key (t,r,s) while in sculpt mode would invoke a new move tool instance of the edit state, which was not only unexpected, but also prevented the action from being undoable.

Thu. July 30, 2020

Fixed a bug in dsmmerge where using input images with non-RGB opacity (Of) channel would either crash or write out garbled results.

Thu. July 30, 2020

Fixed bug affecting the detection of the loop select volatile key (a) that was breaking the automatic hiding of the handle in the Edit and UVEdit states while this key is held.

Wed. July 29, 2020

Fixed a bug introduced by a fix in 17.5.556 to the showing of the current SOP by volatile states when in Show Current Operator mode that caused the volatile view state to incorrectly show the current SOP geometry when in the Paint Color state with "Paint with Display Node" enabled.

Tue. July 21, 2020

Corrected documentation for hou.ui.openTypePropertiesDialog().

Sun. July 19, 2020

Fixed a bug where uniform volume inside/outside check would sometimes fail and produce visual artifacts when there are lots of coincident hits, such as a dense pointcloud mesh.

Fri. July 10, 2020

Fixed crash triggered by trailing Control Next Parameter menu types in parameter interfaces.

Wed. July 8, 2020

Backported all functionality as well as formatting changes from head to 17.5

Fri. June 26, 2020

Fixed bug when trying to remove a node from a bundle in the bundle list pane with the delete key would remove the bundle itself.

Tue. June 23, 2020

Fixed an issue where duplicate color texture assignments to a single shader would result in invalid assignments.

Thu. June 18, 2020

Fixed bugs where closing a pane with a textport or python shell with keyboard focus could result in accessing freed memory.

Fixed bugs where textports and python shells destroyed feels in an unsafe order.

Tue. June 16, 2020

Fixed an issue where multiparms could fail to initialize.

Wed. May 27, 2020
  • The plugin will now collapse dead mesh structs on input geometry beforemarshalling the data into Houdini.
  • Fixed a problem with the plugin not marshalling certain types of mesh mapsif the number of vertices in the map did not line up cleanly with thenumber of Houdini points or vertices.
Thu. May 21, 2020

Added error handling for creating HARS server on Windows.

Wed. May 20, 2020