Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 17.5.293 Fix regression from Houdini 17 where multiple match*() keys in a row might erroneously cause infinite evaluation errors. yesterday
Houdini 17.5.293 Changed lookup of $HFS in libHAPIL to use GetEnvironmentVariable on Windows instead of getenv to fix failure to locate HFS in some cases. yesterday
Houdini 17.5.293 Fix for bug where attaching an existing input to a new asset would cook the output existing assets as well as the new asset yesterday
Houdini 17.5.293 *** Replace this line with your comments *** yesterday
Houdini 17.5.292 Rename "Commercial Licensing" option to "License Server", to reflect the fact that it works with all license types. Tue. June 18, 2019
Houdini 17.5.292 Fixed a bug that would cause the Autorig to fail to build with a Glove type hand Tue. June 18, 2019
Houdini 17.5.292 The hou.NodeType.deprecationInfo will properly return the new_type for SOP and SHOP nodes. Tue. June 18, 2019
Houdini 17.5.292 Changed commandchain nodes to include the scheduler name in the sharedserver attribute in the form scheduler/server, so that downstream items can locate the server info.

Added a getSharedServerInfo method to the GraphContext object which is used to look up server info based on the full name.

Improved sendcommand node to cook inprocess instead of writing out the script file and passing the via a scheduled job.

Tue. June 18, 2019
Houdini 17.5.292 filepattern node will now generate monotonically increasing indexes when generating from upstream work items. Previously the indexes would match the upstream item. Tue. June 18, 2019
Houdini 17.5.292 Performance improvement to HQueue scheduler binding. Uses batching of newjob submissions to increase job submission throughput.

Restores use of job callbacks to signal state changes back to pdgmq.

Improvement to pdgmq server event relay throughput.

Tue. June 18, 2019
Houdini 17.5.292 Unity plugin: Fixed generation of Unity terrain splat map blending. Tue. June 18, 2019
Houdini 17.5.292 Fixed the HQueue newjob() RPC function so that it always returns job ids in sorted ascending order. Tue. June 18, 2019
Houdini 17.5.291 Fix for pdgmq processes not shutting down when houdini closes before cook completes (hqueue, tractor) Mon. June 17, 2019
Houdini 17.5.291 Mirror SOP, and other sops that may use similar internal optimizations, will no longer get confused when wired to non-primary outputs. Mon. June 17, 2019
Houdini 17.5.291 Multiple simple groups, such as "foo bar" in Geometry VOP or Pop VOP DOPs, should no longer risk crashes and incorrect behaviour. Mon. June 17, 2019
Houdini 17.5.291 Tilde expansion of parameters, when it fails, will leave the string unchnaged rather than terminating the string early. Mon. June 17, 2019
Houdini 17.5.288 The geometry spreadsheet now updates when the update mode is manual and updates are explicitly triggered or the update mode is changed. Fri. June 14, 2019
Houdini 17.5.287 Significant performance improvements to HQueue and Tractor scheduling.

HQueue jobs no longer include state-change callbacks in the job spec itself.

Thu. June 13, 2019
Houdini 17.5.287 Invocation of the pre and post callback scripts has been moved from mel code used by the various houdiniEngine_sync*Asset* scripts into the houdiniAsset command. If you have written your own custom sync scripts that use "houdiniAsset -sync" and explicitly invoke those callbacks, you will need to modify them, otherwise the change should be transparent. Thu. June 13, 2019
Houdini 17.5.287 Fixed a OpenColorIO crash when a LUT within the profile points to an missing file. Thu. June 13, 2019
Houdini 17.5.286 Unity plugin: Added default Terrain material that can be set via Plugin Settings. This material is then set when generating new Unity Terrain from Heightfields. Wed. June 12, 2019
Houdini 17.5.286 Upgraded the File Decompress node:
  • Improved the user interface
  • Can now generate without any inputs
  • Can now use either results with specific tags as inputs or use a custom filepath to specify an input
  • All extracted files will be reported as result data now (instead of the parent directory into which the files are being extracted)
Wed. June 12, 2019
Houdini 17.5.286 Unity plugin: Fixed alphamaps when uploading terrain layers into Houdini heightfields. Wed. June 12, 2019
Houdini 17.5.286 Fixed crowdstoolutils.findInputAgentDefinitions() to correctly handle the input wire being connected to a node with multiple outputs. Wed. June 12, 2019
Houdini 17.5.285 Unity plugin: Fix for uploading terrain data as input into heightfield volume where the mask layer was stuck at origin. Now it will have same transform as height layer. Couple of other fixes for uploading the mask layer. Tue. June 11, 2019