Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 18.5.372 Ensuring that the uniform attributes have their values authored only at a default time code. today
Houdini 18.5.372 Fixed bugs with undoing exclusions of take data from the take list pane.

Fixed an undo ordering issue when undoing removal of node flags from a take.

Houdini 18.5.372 Fixed a LOP viewer issue where the camera transform wouldn't be properly applied to the view when loading a hip file which is looking through a camera when a heavy USD scene is cooked. today
Houdini 18.5.371 Fixed regression introduced in 18.0.553 where child nodes of ths scene root that used hierarchical inheritance stopped importing correctly. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Added a parameter to the Enumerate SOP to specify how the piece attribute is used. One option is to separately enumerate the elements of each piece (the existing behavior), and the other option is to assign sequential ids to each entire piece. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Added an option to the Enable Solver DOP to enable objects based on their name, id, or DOP group. This provides a simpler way to enable microsolvers for specific objects, instead of attaching subdata to the object and using the Enable Data parameter. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Add wsgi support to the webserver. This is only initial support and there is a lot of work still to be done for production wsgi use. Non-wsgi is still production ready. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 In HQueue submit-graph-as-job, make the TOP Cook job cpus=0 to ensure that it can run alongside a job marked with a single tag. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Improved the performance of unpacking packed fragments, particularly when individual fragments have a large number of points (around 3x faster in some scenarios). Unpacking fragments with the Unpack SOP should now outperform unpacking with a compiled for-each loop. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Increased the range of the Damping parameter on the Full Body IK SOP to make it more clear that it does not have a maximum value of 1. Increased the range of the Iterations parameter to include a more typical range of possible values. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Houdini crashes when closing scene viewer pane
  • Fix a crash in LOPs when closing a scene viewer while a pythohn state is active.
Houdini 18.5.371 Make sure VOP subnets respect TAB menu filtering of the parent manager. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Changed GroupPromote to more efficiently promote point and vertex groups to edge groups. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Fixed a bug in path delocalization (when mapping mode is set to None), where __PDG_DIR__ would be substituted incorrectly in reported paths yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Fixed viewport update issue with materials when changing or disabling a texture parameter. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Improved error reporting in the Assign Material LOP. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.371 Fixed a bug in the Reverse Foot SOP where the Marker Scale value from the first multiparm entry was applied to all entries. yesterday
Houdini 18.5.370 For render delegates with names that contain characters that cannot be used in file names, replace the illegal characters with underscores when generating the dialog script file paths used to generate renderer-specific parameters for the Light LOP, Camera LOP, Render Settings LOP, and viewport display options. Sun. October 18, 2020
Houdini 18.5.369 Fixed the wrong parameter in roptoolutils.py, which caused Render > Create Render Node > Mantra to throw an exception. Sat. October 17, 2020
Houdini 18.5.369 Fixed a bug in the Network View where the input field used for editing node names did not close after completion if the mouse was clicked and moved fast enough when opening the field. Sat. October 17, 2020
Houdini 18.5.368 Adds /ping route to sesinetd to ping the server without adding a body. Fri. October 16, 2020
Houdini 18.5.368 Fixed a bug where python script jobs running on Deadline would fail when using pdgcmd RPCs Fri. October 16, 2020
Houdini 18.5.368 Fix crash when loading FBX files for KineFX or agents that do not have an explicit frame rate set. Fri. October 16, 2020
Houdini 18.5.368 Fixed bug that caused Apprentice license activation to fail. Fri. October 16, 2020
Houdini 18.5.368 Fixed a bug where editing a sticky note in the Network View generated a text rendering artifact. Fri. October 16, 2020