Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed python error when creating a Simple Blend Constraints with multiple targets. It now creates a proportional one if more than one target is selected. Constraint Networks are now created using a rate driven by an expression. The constraints and generic creation scripts now look for a "chopnet_rate" parameter and will install an expression on it if it is found. This means all the new nodes will also inherit the expression automatically. Also, to fix motion blur issues, a new global animation option has been added. It can be referenced in expressions with $CHOPMOTIONSAMPLES and it acts as a multiplier on the $FPS in the "chopnet_rate" expression. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Added split support to hou.Pane. It's now possible to minimize/maximize splits and set the split fractions.$ yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Use 'kwargs' for the (before|after) script parameters instead of 'argv'. kwargs['file'] is the file being saved. kwargs['autosave'] is True only if the save is triggered by auto save timer. (for kwargs['success'] is True if the save was successful. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed bug with moving a wire while zoomed out that prevented changing just the input or output of the wire, and instead only allowed wiring through a node. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Nested multithreaded foreach SOPs will no longer crash. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed issue rendering black-boxed HDAa. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed a bug with Key-Value Dictionary parameters where setting options like the Key column label and Value column label had no effect. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 The OpenGL ROP no longer renders the environment map for env and sky lights in the background. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Changed default setting of Baking Samples from 128 to 16. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Fixed HQ Lighting bug with area lights when the light sampling option is greater than 30, and when antialiasing is enabled. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 Due to the bug fix where baking relied on camera position for dicing, baking objects with subdivision or displacement may render out differently. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.557 When baking, dicing of objects are no longer dependent on camera position. It now solely relies on estimated UV coverage. yesterday
Houdini 16.0.556 When dragging nodes, don't allow dropping onto a wire that has either end connected to any of the nodes being dragged. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Fixed a crash involving string attributes going into SOPs that modify topology and keep the attribute. The crash SOP occurs on second or later cooks of the SOP. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Fixed a bug on Windows and MacOS where MMB to paste selected text did not work for multi-line text edit fields. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Added a new hou.Geometry.createPolygons() HOM method for creating multiple polygons in a geometry. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Added a new hou.Geometry.createPoints() HOM method for creating multiple points in a geometry. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Fixed base tinting and the texture toggle in the Height Field Quick Shade SOP. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Remove extraneous "Set Node" undo actions from the undo history when exiting viewport states. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Fixed an issue in mantra with velocity motion blur on packed primitives when there's a negative shutter offset and the point of the packed primitive has a velocity. The velocity was being double-counted. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Remove unused variable in xnoise.h that was reported when compiled on Mac OpenCL. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 When building polygons in existing geometry, the TopoBuild SOP no longer requires the geometry to be connected to both inputs. If only the first input is connected, it will be added to and used as template geometry. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 Enable material flags and reset input group collapse states on all gallery materials. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 New functions notifyBeforeSceneSave() and notifyAfterSceneSave() as well as events BEGIN_SAVE_NETWORK and END_SAVE_NETWORK to indicate the start and end of saving a .hip file for OP_Director. Wed. March 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.556 New scripts '' and '' that are called before and after a hipfile is saved to disk. parameter argv[1] is the path of the hipfile to be saved. argv[1] is 'save' for a regular save or 'autosave' if triggered by the autosave timer. in '' argv[3] is 'success' or 'failure' to indicate the status of the save operation. Wed. March 22, 2017
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