Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 4.9.408 Added an option to vmantra output driver to output camera transform separately instead of combining it with object transform. Fri. June 29, 2001
Houdini 4.9.408 Added new construction plane handle. Still very much a work-in-progress. Fri. June 29, 2001
Houdini 4.9.407 Fixed two bugs in PolyKnit. The first one had to do with knitting connected geometry, where we would sometimes not pick up a meta edges on quad because some method was making an assumption about information it didn't have. The other was a display bug when reading back from the SOP parameters when you had flipped a meta quad to a meta edge. Thu. June 28, 2001
Houdini 4.9.407 The brush SOPs (comb, paint, sculpt) all now have an "Orient to Surface" toggle in the stroke tab. This will switch from using the surface normal for the brush direction and the view direction. View direction is preferable for bumpy surfaces. Thu. June 28, 2001
Houdini 4.9.407 There is a new SOP, the Layer SOP, which is designed to work with multipass textures. By changing your current layer, you change which attributes color, texture, etc, map to. On layer 5, for example, color is "Cd5" and texture coordiantes are "uv5". You see in the viewport what your current layer's values are - unless you have multipass texturing turned on in the display options. Then you get the effect of drawing each layer in order from the first to the max layers specified in this SOP. Each layer is drawn on top of one another with the Blend mode by default. However, you can override the blend control with any standard OpenGL modes using the SOP. Thu. June 28, 2001
Houdini 4.9.407 vmantra output driver can now output null surface shaders instead of the real ones during shadow map generation stage. This behaviour is controlled by the "Null Surface" option. Thu. June 28, 2001
Houdini 4.9.406 Some spreadsheets now let the user resize individual columns. The geo edit spreadsheet and Jive table allow resizing of any column. The oplist allows resizing of some columns, as do various other spreadsheet controls. Wed. June 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.406 The group section and the PI section of the PI pane can now be closed independently using hotkeys of the CTRL+RMB menu. Wed. June 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.405 Improved mplay in many ways:
  • The frame range of images in now what you would expect when typing the files on the command line, rather than the whole frame range.
  • Gamma has been added to the color controls. As well, gamma may be adjusted when saving files.
  • Images and full sequences can be saved out from mplay.
  • The Houdini image search path is used when loading files.
Tue. June 26, 2001
Houdini 4.9.404 The Brush SOP has been replaced by the Paint, Sculpt and Comb SOPs, which provide specific behaviour without the kitchen sink of options. The Sculpt SOP has the modelling operations - deform (which now works with arbitrary axes), smooth, and the combination smooth deform. The Paint SOP can also work with arbitrary attributes, and generate new attributes if desired. Mon. June 25, 2001
Houdini 4.9.404 The variable to control threading in the IMG library was changed from SESI_THREAD_NOIMG to HOUDINI_THREAD_IMAGE. The sense of the variable was also changed so that threading is turned off by default. This doesn't affect COP2, but will affect the old composite operators and most noticably, ipaint. Mon. June 25, 2001
Houdini 4.9.401 When objects of the same name were in different sub-networks, the renderer got confused as to which object was being referred to. For objects in sub-networks, the name passed to the renderer now includes the full path without the leading "/obj/". When dealing with objects in subnetworks, this is the name which should be used when specifying visible objects. For example:


will match all objects except for the objects contained in s_windmill1. Note that the pattern:


will not cause the objects in the subnet to be rendered, the asterix must be specified in the pattern.

Fri. June 22, 2001
Houdini 4.9.399 Fixed a problem with wren that produced small breaks in lines. Wed. June 20, 2001
Houdini 4.9.399 The Capture page under the Bone object's parameters dialog now only shows the parameters that are relevant to the bone's capture type. They change when you change the capture type. Wed. June 20, 2001
Houdini 4.9.399 The Capture region handle now has an option for showing it as opaque. This provides a quick way to determine if points are within a capture region without using a Capture SOP. Wed. June 20, 2001
Houdini 4.9.398 Changing an operator name now causes any manipulators which are attached to that operator to potentially change their name as well. The manipulator searches for the old op name, and replaces it with the new one. Tue. June 19, 2001
Houdini 4.9.398 Fixed a bug in wren that caused it to skip drawing some wires, especially near the bottom of the image. Tue. June 19, 2001
Houdini 4.9.398 It's now possible to interactively edit the dialog script of any scripted OP. These include the scripted sub-networks, or any VEX OP. Click on the OP tile and choose "Edit dialog script". Tue. June 19, 2001
Houdini 4.9.398 Added display option to turn off specular highlights on a per viewport basis. In display options dialog (under Misc tab). Tue. June 19, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Arrow keys can now be used to navigate through the popup toolbar menus. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Fixed a problem with giges when it was reading in NURB entities that had their periodic flags inconsistent with their basis. We now have a little more respect for the periodic flag set in IGES. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Fixed a bug in vmantra that caused it to ignore all point attributes of a NURBS curve/surface if any vertex attributes were also present. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 There are now handles for the Capture Region SOP.

Capture region handles for bones are also available from the either the Multiple Object state or invoking object-specific handles in the Pose state when bone objects are selected. This is a mode in the bone object's specific handle so you need to change the type to "Capture Region Handle" from the right mouse button menu or use the hotkey 'y' to display it.

Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Fixed two installation problems. First, users who install node- locked houdini licensing will actually be using pipe-based socket emulation on NT. Previously, the pertinent environment variable was being set _after_ the check for that variable. Thus we were using real sockets in most cases. The second preoblem was that after uninstalling houdini, the users path would seem to be fouled up. This was actually because Windows was suddenly failing to expand nested environment variables in the path. To remedy this, the nested variables are expanded by the install program. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Added support for subdivision surfaces to vmantra. Mon. June 18, 2001