Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 6.0.50 On Windows, mcp now has command line options to save and load codec settings file. Useful for scripting movie compression without requiring user intervention.

Special Windows Usage:

mcp [-r framerate] -w width -h height -C settings_file

This usage will prompt you for the compression settings for an AVI file and save them to the specified options file. After that, you can use the -c option with the settings file in the regular usage to compress without further prompting.

NOTES: - The options file is a platform dependent binary file.

  • The -r, -w, -h options must match when reusing the file.

eg. Create an options file: mcp -r 24 -w 640 -h 480 -C cmp.opt eg. Use options file: mcp tmp*.pic -o -c cmp.opt -r 24 -w 640 -h 480 tmp.avi

Fri. September 6, 2002
Houdini 6.0.48 A Dissolve bug was fixed which caused different results depending on the platform. Dissolve behaves the same way on all platforms. This means, however, that for certain platforms, Dissolve will now have a different output. Wed. September 4, 2002
Houdini 6.0.48 When toggling on the template flag of a pop, the user no longer needs to advance the playbar to see the guide geometry appear. Wed. September 4, 2002
Houdini 6.0.43 Guide geometry now supports display lists... This means, among other things, that tumbling in the pops viewport while the simulation is stopped will not be dragged to a halt simply because of guide geometry. Fri. August 30, 2002
Houdini 6.0.41 The boneangle() expression now gives the intuitive behaviour of returning the angle at the joint between the two given bone objects instead of between the two negative z-axes. Old behaviour can be obtained from setting the environment variable HOUINI55_COMPATIBILITY. Old boneangle() expressions were usually subtracted from 180 to give the desired behaviour which is no longer required. Wed. August 28, 2002
Houdini 6.0.41 The relative object transform expression functions now all accept the empty string to mean world space. See the help for the following affected functions:

vtorigin, vrorigin, vorigin, origin, originoffset
Wed. August 28, 2002
Houdini 6.0.40 Display options are now available, but not yet fully implemented, for the network worksheets. Currently allows for display and snapping to a grid as well as drawing a background image in the worksheet. Tue. August 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.40 New feature added which allows the user to go back to a previous zoom level in the network editor. Tue. August 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.40 Fixed a bug where a scroll region would get redrawn twice for every intentional redraw. Tue. August 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.40 Fixed the XQueryPointer use for FocusIn and ConfigureNotify events to use the current focus window rather than the root window to avoid generating extra mouse motion events when we compared new values against our previous values.

This fixes the bug where clicking on the pane swap button to swap panes, and then clicking on it again without moving the mouse button would not work.

Tue. August 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.40 The Font COP's text size UI range has been increased to [0, 100]. Tue. August 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.40 On Windows, hcmd now takes command line options which get passed to the child cmd.exe process. There's also help now by typing "hcmd -". Tue. August 27, 2002
Houdini 6.0.39 Added a small optimization to PolySplit that helps us catch a certain case faster. This should not result in different produced geometry. Mon. August 26, 2002
Houdini 6.0.39 Fixed a bug where dragging on a face while in PolyExtrude would sometimes translate the geometry in the wrong direction. We now obey the Local/Global setting for this operation, and Local translations are all done with respect to the first polygon. Mon. August 26, 2002
Houdini 6.0.36 Yet another fix to COPs error reporting. It is threadsafe now. Fri. August 23, 2002
Houdini 6.0.36 Fixed a serious performance problem with the secondary cache in COPs2. Performance is now about 4x what it was before in COPs. Fri. August 23, 2002
Houdini 6.0.36 Fixed crash when exiting the RBD Operation after just immediately starting it. Fri. August 23, 2002
Houdini 6.0.36 Use display lists for xray. Fri. August 23, 2002
Houdini 6.0.35 You can no longer name OPs the following key words:

__display_sop__, __render_sop__, __cook_pop__, __audio_chop__

These tokens are reserved to refer to the op which they sound like they refer to. While you could name ops to the above name in the past, it would likely have lead to great problems. Thus, the names are now prohibitted explicitly.

Thu. August 22, 2002
Houdini 6.0.35 As the title says: Houdini 5.5 to 6.0 Compatiblity above this line Thu. August 22, 2002
Houdini 6.0.34 Several changes have been made to bones:
  • They now have an Kinematic Solver parameter which provides the local
rotates from an InverseKin chop
  • They now have different geometry when being controlled from an kinematic solver
  • Support for the Skeleton SOP has been removed
  • The regular local rotate parameter is generally ignored if the Kinematic Solver is set. However, the user can key those parms for the InverseKin CHOP to do IK/NoK blending.

The old H3 Kinematic Override option (in the main Options menu) has been reinstated. It allows the overridding of local rotations of all bones. The user can choose from:

  • None: default, does nothing
  • Rest: uses local rotates from the bone's Rest Angle parameter
  • Capture: uses (0,0,0) for the local rotates
Wed. August 21, 2002
Houdini 6.0.34 Fixing a minor problem where the count of the number of failures reported in the sesinetd log would be higher than the number of actual failures. Wed. August 21, 2002
Houdini 6.0.33 The soft transform and soft peak SOPs now show the area of influence in colour. The type of colouration used can be changed with the visualization type. Tue. August 20, 2002
Houdini 6.0.33 Render Operators now have Scripted Subnets in addition to subnets. This allows you to bind the controls for multiple ROPs (such as resolution) to a single control panel. Tue. August 20, 2002
Houdini 6.0.33 We once again allow saving custom panels outside of hip files.

By default new custom panels save to the hip file, while any loaded from the custom path do not. There is a new toggle in the custom panel builder to allow the user to specify where the panel is saved.

Tue. August 20, 2002