Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 4.9.372 All the handles based on the pivot handle have a new menu option to project them onto the construction plane. If the handle is detached from the geometry, only the handle will be translated; otherwise, it will also displace the geometry. Thu. May 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.372 The manipulator list UI has been improved. Manipulators display an icon which specifies the type of the manipulator. Clicking on the icon pops up a text display of the manipulator type. Each manipulator also has a button displaying the number of OPs attached to that manipulator. Clicking on this display shows the names of the attached ops. Similarly, manipulator groups have a button showing the number of manipulators in the group. Clicking on this button shows the names of the manipulators in the group.

Manipulators and manipulator group names are now allowed to have arbitrary characters in their names (including spaces and punctuation).

Also, persistent manipulators have buttons displayed on the left of the viewport for turning them on and off in each viewer. These buttons look similar to the manipulator buttons specific to a particular state, but are drawn with a blue background.

Thu. May 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.372 IK End affector handles now allow twisting of FK and NoK chains. Individual bones can also be rotated. For FK bones, this is accomplished by setting the IK Twist parameter of the controlling CHOP.

The IK End Affector handles for doing FK are now drawn as the geometry of the bone object itself. This geometry is drawn in ghost mode when doing shaded rendering, and not at all in wireframe mode (since it matches the bone wireframe appearance exactly). This also means that bones with this handle can be seen ghosted through a character's skin rendered in shaded mode.

Thu. May 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.371 The Join SOP now has a "Only Connected" toggle. This causes it to only join curves and polygons which share a point. All such possible curves will be joined. Wed. May 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.371 Fixed bug with output of a custom colour to IGES, the output wasn't formatted correctly. Wed. May 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.371 Added "Connect Points" feature to EdgeDivide. It connects the points created by the divisions in the order in which the edges were specified. Also changed the parmater name of "Number of Divisions" to just "Divisions", and bound the step ladder handle to it. Wed. May 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.370 The VEX texture3d() function which performs integration of the map should be more correct now. There was a bug which showed up in some circumstances which caused minor errors in the integration. These showed up as horizontal/vertial artifacts in volume renders. Tue. May 22, 2001
Houdini 4.9.370 Fixed a bug with reading in IGES files that had whitespace instead of a string field. This was causing a problem when reading in IGES files produced by Rhino. Tue. May 22, 2001
Houdini 4.9.370 giges can now read in the IGES Entity #106 (Copious Data). Copious Data is essentially an ordered list of points that we treat as a vertices for a polygon. Giges also no longer ignores the transformation matrix associated with any of the entities we read in. Copious Data items are not supported as profile curves in our current implementation.

giges can now output IGES 5.3 files from our geo files. We output NURBS curves and surfaces, Bezier curves and surfaces (as NURBS since IGES doesn't support Bezier), Polygons (as Copious Data Entity #106, Form #12), trim curves and profile curves. Polygon trim curves are output as degree 1 NURBS. We output groups, where only the first 8 characters of the group names are preserved. We can also, optionally, output the primitive colour attribute.

Tue. May 22, 2001
Houdini 4.9.365 The handles now push their own cursors when active. This helps differentiate them from the state, and indicates the fact that the operation is currently controlled by the handle. Thu. May 17, 2001
Houdini 4.9.365 The handle menu now allows removal of keyframes. Thu. May 17, 2001
Houdini 4.9.364 The cursor now changes when selecting geometry to better indicate the fact that we're in selection mode. Wed. May 16, 2001
Houdini 4.9.364 Fixed bug in Hserver on NT where it would sometimes hang when it failed to acquire a license token from the license server.

Fixed bug in Hserver on NT where stopping the hserver service does not release acquired license tokens (thereby creating dead license tokens).

Fixed bug in sesinetd where it only removed dead license tokens when it didn't receive a connection within 1 second.

Wed. May 16, 2001
Houdini 4.9.363 Added two more entries to the right-mouse popup menu for parms in the OP parm dialogs:
  • Bind To Viewport Ladder Handle
  • Unbind All Viewport Handles
These options allow the user to easily tie a simple handle to any parm, and to remove all parm handles for which direct manipulation is no longer desired.
Tue. May 15, 2001
Houdini 4.9.363 The i3dgen application can now generate anti-aliased maps. The -A option specifies the oversampling of the VEX density function. The -V option specifies a variance threshold for anti-aliasing. Tue. May 15, 2001
Houdini 4.9.363 Added two new entries to the right-mouse popup menu for parms in the OP parm dialogs:
  • Lock Channel(s)
  • Unlock Channel(s)
Before, a convenient way of locking and unlocking channels was available only through the handle menu.
Tue. May 15, 2001
Houdini 4.9.363 Wren now supports line colors specified by the "linecolor" primitive attribute. Also lines of varying width are now supported correctly. Tue. May 15, 2001
Houdini 4.9.362 Fixed bug that caused the NT version of hserver to hang when licenses ran out. Mon. May 14, 2001
Houdini 4.9.359 The image3d VEX context has a new loop construct. The forpoints() loop will loop through all metaballs which have an effect at the point specified. The mattrib() and mdensity() functions work differently inside a forpoints() loop in that they will return the attribute for the metaball in question. For example, to blend the color attribute, you can do either:

        vector clr = mattrib("Cd", P);


        vector clr = 0;
        forpoints(P) { clr += mdensity(P) * mattrib("Cd", P); }

However, the loop construct also allows users to perform their own blending functions on metaball evaluation.

Please see the online HTML VEX documentation for further information.

Fri. May 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.359 Fixed bug which caused crashes when manipulating the viewer handles of the Noise CHOP when it was generating Brownian or Random noise. Fri. May 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.358 Removed 1024 channels per CHOP limitation when expanding pattern strings. This also fixes crash in the Rename CHOP when trying to rename more than 1024 channels at once. Thu. May 10, 2001
Houdini 4.9.357 We now draw a coloured border around parms that have handles tied to them. The border color is dark blue for the parms whose handles are visible, and dark red for invisible (ie ladder and stepladder) handles. Wed. May 9, 2001
Houdini 4.9.357 omunbind no longer crashes in SOPs. Wed. May 9, 2001
Houdini 4.9.357 The internal VEX optimizer has been sped up. Large VEX functions should load faster now. Wed. May 9, 2001
Houdini 4.9.357 Adding the ability to type an op name in the tab menu. The list of operators will be filtered to match what was typed. Wed. May 9, 2001