Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 4.9.351 When CPP processing was installed in parsing of the VEX Op tables, this broke loading of hip files in hscript. This has been fixed. Thu. May 3, 2001
Houdini 4.9.351 Various fixes to polyknit:
  • sop now allows <#> q <#> <#> <#> at the start of the point list to specify a quadrilateral. This is good since the state was capable of quite correctly generating these strings.
  • state no longer clears the current point list by entering and exitting the state after a strip has been created. This also is good.
Thu. May 3, 2001
Houdini 4.9.351 When running hscript command files the execute() function didn't properly grab the output of a sourced command. Now something like:

        set a = `execute("source foo.cmd")`

will work properly inside of a script.

Thu. May 3, 2001
Houdini 4.9.351 There was a bug decompressing the first tile in RAT files. This would cause a black square in the bottom left corner to occur when displaying the RAT file. Thu. May 3, 2001
Houdini 4.9.350 Added new sop expression, "xyzdist". This finds the distance to a piece of geometry giving x,y, and z coords. It is just like the pointdist, except you don't need a point. Try it out in the isosurface SOP!

Both pointdist and xyzdist are now documented to take "-1" as their primitive number, in which case they will find the closest primitive in the entire SOP rather than a specific one. A new type parameter (3) now allows these functions to return the primitive id of the closest primitive.

Wed. May 2, 2001
Houdini 4.9.348 Added checkmarks and a new "Hide" entry to the context-sensitive geometry menu in the SOP viewer (ie the menu accessed with the right mouse button) Tue. May 1, 2001
Houdini 4.9.348 Fixed the interactive geometry reselection for all sops whose selectors are not tied to a specific input group, such as Merge, Switch, Blend, LOD, Attribute. Tue. May 1, 2001
Houdini 4.9.348 The VEX function texture3dBox() returned incorrect information if the bounding box of the 3D texture file was not a cube. Tue. May 1, 2001
Houdini 4.9.345 Added Parm toolboxes and the Handle list to the COP Viewer. Fri. April 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.345 Added the Shape COP, for creating common shapes quickly. Fri. April 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.345 Various tweaks and fixes to the display options.
  • display current state name in the top left corner of a viewport. Can toggle display on/off.
  • moved the viewport name to the top right corner.
  • ability to turn off the grid display in the orthographic viewports.
  • changing the current viewport will now update the grid parameters with those of the current viewport.
  • when switching a viewport between the various orthographic viewports, it will remember the grid spacings instead of simply resetting them to the default.
Fri. April 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.345 Added selectors and handles to the Attribute, AttribCreate, and LOD sops. Fri. April 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.345 Polyknit SOP and interactive state for filling in holes between polygonal models. Almost totally manual at this point. Fri. April 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.345 A button for the default, or root, state is now at the right of the op toolbar in the viewers. LMB on this button enters the root state and RMB changes the root state. The root state for each network type is now saved to $HOME/houdini. Fri. April 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.345 Polysplit now has an option for splitting consecutive edges using a constant bias. This is turned on from the state menu.

The Curve state now handles both relative points and referenced geometry interactively. Relative points are turned on from the state menu and have higher priority than references. References to points and breakpoints are used if both snapping and snap consolidate are turned on (see snap dialog). The state will connect or disconnect the appropriate inputs. Note that handles will only use references if they are dragged by the pivot (when dragged by an axis their movement is restricted).

Fri. April 27, 2001
Houdini 4.9.344 The bone Joint handle now resides (as it should) in the Bone Create state. Thu. April 26, 2001
Houdini 4.9.344 The Textport has new ctrl codes, Ctrl A and Ctrl E, to move to the start and end of the line.

The Edit Comment, Edit Delete Script, and Edit Alias Function, all use a new multiline edit window. This means you can stop putting \ns in all your comments!

Thu. April 26, 2001
Houdini 4.9.342 More SOPs are now usable interactively thanks to new selectors, new handles, and new input groups:
  • Align
  • Creep
  • Particle
  • Sweep
  • Rails
  • Ray
  • Spring
Tue. April 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.342 The Edit SOP is now fully functional. Transforms, Soft Transforms, Peaks, and Soft Peaks are possible. Undos and Redos are supported. The Edit Handle is now very fast and flexible; use the e,r,t,y keys to alternate between the different handles and toggle them on and off. Performance has improved for complex geometry. Fixed the hip file loading problem on NT and Irix. Try working with secure selection off for a feel similar to the Select & Transform State in Houdini 4.

Soft scaling is supported in the Soft Transform and Edit SOPs.

The Transform, Soft Transform, Peak, Soft Peak, and Edit SOPs now recompute normals by default.

Tue. April 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.342 More SOP connections will now be dotted because many SOP inputs are "reference inputs", ie only contribute as references to the SOP they help cook. Most 2nd and tertiary inputs are now defined as references. This change has helped us properly footprint SOPs that should remain visible when a new SOP is automatically created during interactive modeling. Tue. April 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.342 Persistent PIs are now stored in the hip file. There are new commands for creating, modifying, and grouping persistent PIs. There is also a new pane type that provides a UI for modifying persistent PIs.

The IK end affector handle now has the pivot handle at the end of the bone for doing IK, plus it draws a second handle that looks like a bone. Grabbing this handle does FK on the chosen bone. The Move Single Bone option has been removed from this handle. As well, Shift-clicking on a handle will toggle the Locked state of that joint. Finally, for a given IK end affector PI, only a single handle is "current". The current handle has the full pivot handle drawn. Non-current handles just show the small box from the center of the pivot. For locked joints, the box is drawn shaded. For unlocked joints, the box is drawn in wireframe.

Tue. April 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.342 The Joint handle for bones can now also delete joints. The handle will now always clean up the transforms of modified objects. Tue. April 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.338 Miscellaneous fixes to illuminance() loops in VEX fog shaders when ray-tracing. Doing illuminance() loops in fog shaders should produce correct results when ray-tracing now. Fri. April 20, 2001
Houdini 4.9.337 When there were many objects being rendered in vmantra (typically in the thousands -- usually due to particle instancing), vmantra would waste a large amount of time in object setup. This setup time has been significantly reduced. In a sample case of 4550 particle instances, render times went from 4:15 to 0:49. Thu. April 19, 2001
Houdini 4.9.337 New hotkeys have been added for the object/sop viewport layouts. In 4.0, they were 1,2,3,etc. They are now Ctrl+1,Ctrl+2,Ctrl+3,etc. Thu. April 19, 2001