Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 4.9.430
  • The PolySplit SOP should now run quite a bit faster.
  • Fix bug: when cutting across a vertex, some polygons in between may have been missed.
  • Fix bug: when doing a complicated cut with many possible paths, sometimes a good path node was being erroneously deleted.
Tue. July 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 The viewdisplay command can now be used to change shading modes (and point display, etc.) for unselected geometry, selected geometry, templates, and target output. Scripts that change the shading mode can now be tied to function keys. This should help to make subdivision surface modeling easier. Tue. July 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 Pressing the reselect button to select the inputs to a sop will preselect the geometry that is currently input to the sop. Tue. July 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 Handle, Microphone, Null and Sound objects can no longer be sent to renderers. These objects have no shading/lighting parameters visible and thus can be considered to be non-renderable. Previously, if a Null object were displayed at render time, the light mask of the Null object might have caused depth maps to be auto-generated from light sources fallaciously. Tue. July 24, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 PolyExtrude can now be interrupted. Mon. July 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 PolyExtrude now expots Inset, Consolidate and Symmetry Axis to the toolbox. Mon. July 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 We now manipulate capture region path integer index data in the geometry spreadsheet as actual strings from the pCaptPath detail attribute as opposed to just an integer index. Mon. July 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 Added the new Ramp COP, which allows the ramps to be editted directly from the viewport. Clicking on the image adds a new control point, clicking a control point pops up a colour editor and dragging the control point moves it.

Oh, and they're animatible too!

Mon. July 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 Fixed bug where the cplane handle would only draw the part that was middle clicked on (when the XCF value doesn't change). Mon. July 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 vcc now handles propagation of the "export" keyword across more than two parameters. Thus,

                sop foo(export float a=1, b=2, c=3) {}

will now compile properly.

Mon. July 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 The Hotkey Manager Dialog lets the user personalize their hotkeys. My apologies to anyone who has hand-tweaked their hotkey files, but the whole format for hotkey files has changed to include an english name for the action, and a short help string. As well, each action can have an arbitrary number of hotkeys assigned to it (instead of 2). Mon. July 23, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 New option for uv viewport to auto-detect whether what entity the uv attribute belongs to and adjust the display accordingly. It is no longer necessary for the user to manually determine what attribute type to view. Fri. July 20, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430
  • New ui button type called FLEXMENUBUTTON allows you to attach a right-mouse menu to a regular button (which can be push or toggle).
  • The Cplane toggle button is now one of those buttons, and has the cplane menu when you right click on it.
  • The Cplane handle button is gone. It has been replaced by a toggle in the cplane menu.
Fri. July 20, 2001
Houdini 4.9.430 PolyExtrude Consolidate points now defaults to "All" Fri. July 20, 2001
Houdini 4.9.429
  • Defaults of the construction plane have been changed.
  • Homing behaviour in perspective viewports has changed slightly.
  • View and CPlane memories are now accessible from anywhere, not just in the view state or cplane state.
Thu. July 19, 2001
Houdini 4.9.428 The capture region handle type (of the bone handle) now supports using shift-click to symetrically manipulate both sides simultaneously.

If the bone handle is created while capture regions are already displayed, then the type is set to the capture region type automatically.

Wed. July 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.426 Added a PrimitiveSplit SOP. This is the same as the VertexSplit but applies to primitives. It is useful for preprocessing geometry before tristripping. Mon. July 16, 2001
Houdini 4.9.423 PolyExtrude now has two new options: Consolidate Points allows users to choose whether or not they want to consolidate all new points, just the points created for each face, or none at all; Symmetry Axis allows the user a little more control in the local symmetry, including the option to turn it off. Also, PolyExtrude should now be quite a bit faster when extruding a large number of polygons at the same time. Fri. July 13, 2001
Houdini 4.9.422 Automatically-generated sop tiles are laid-out more nicely on the worksheet. Tiles for generators are not put directly on top of each other anymore. Thu. July 12, 2001
Houdini 4.9.422 There is a new group selector toolbox for sops that will let you replace the current selection with a group, add groups to the selection, remove groups from the selection, and intersect groups with the selection. Thu. July 12, 2001
Houdini 4.9.422 While in select mode in objects and in sops, pressing 'a' will select everything and pressing 't' will toggle the current selection. Thu. July 12, 2001
Houdini 4.9.422 The Child, Parent, and Sibling visibility flags for persistent PIs are now obeyed. Using these flags, the user can decide to some degree whether or not each PI should be displayed based on the operator being viewed. Thu. July 12, 2001
Houdini 4.9.418 The construction plane is now rendered with the three axes at its origin instead of just the x-axis and the normal. Mon. July 9, 2001
Houdini 4.9.418 Added BSP tree parameters to mental ray output driver. Also sets of files to include and link with can now be specified in the output driver. Mon. July 9, 2001
Houdini 4.9.418 vmantra now interpolates boundary faces of subdivision surface control mesh. Vertex attribute handling works correctly now. Mon. July 9, 2001