Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 18.0.67 Unity plugin: Added multi selection feature for input fields. When new "Add Selection" button is invoked, a popup window is displayed showing all the objects in scene or project, along with filters and search field. Multiple items can be selected which will then be added to the input field. Fri. April 5, 2019
Houdini 18.0.56 Unity plugin: Fixed input nodes not reconnecting properly on "Rebuild" asset. Mon. March 25, 2019
Houdini 18.0.49 Unity plugin: Improved handling of errors and unexpected HDA objects. Mon. March 18, 2019
Houdini 18.0.49 Unity plugin: Fixed errors when building the Unity project. Mon. March 18, 2019
Houdini 18.0.42 Unity plugin:

Fixed unity_script callback not working unless argument was also specified. Now will work for callbacks with or without arguments.

Fixed curves on Windows when using non English OS locales.

Added support for generating meshes with UVs of tuple size 2, 3, and 4, as well as UV sets from 1 to 8 (i.e. uv, uv2, uv3, ..., uv8).

Mon. March 11, 2019
Houdini 18.0.36 Unity plugin: Fixed up terrain size when creating from heightfield so that it produces seamless tiling when using a heightfield tile split with upper overlap set to 1. Tue. March 5, 2019
Houdini 18.0.31 Unity plugin: HEU_PDGAssetLink will now destroy results of work items as soon as they are dirtied, instead of waiting until new result is ready. Thu. February 28, 2019
Houdini 18.0.29 Unity plugin: Added Cancel Cook and Pause Cook to HEU_PDGAssetLink. This also now creates a separate root gameobject to parent the loaded geometry gameobjects so it doesn't slow down Unity when selecting HEU_PDGAssetLink. UI improvements to HEU_PDGAssetLink. Tue. February 26, 2019
Houdini 18.0.29 Unity plugin: Editing curve points now uses the same transform handle as default Unity handle. Therefore curve editor now supports plane-locked point dragging.

Added GetParameters() public function to HEU_Parameters.cs.

Added ExportOutputGeo menu functions which allow to export the display geometry of selected or all HDAs in Unity scene to files in a specified folder.

Fixed null access error when setting collider state for heightfield outputs.

Tue. February 26, 2019
Houdini 18.0.26 Unity plugin: Updates to HEU_PDGAssetLink:
  • added autocook which cooks the currently selected TOP network output node
when the linked asset is cooked.
  • added support for reading in 'henginedata' spare string parm from TOP
networks and nodes, allowing to automatically set flag for showing the node in the HEU_PDGAssetLink UI dropdown ('show'), and for loading in baked results ('autoload'). Example: henginedata='show,autoload'.
  • fixed .Net error with attribute data array marshalling.
  • added DirtyAll and CookOutput buttons allowing to dirty and cook a TOP
network, respectively.
  • added ability to show/hide TOP node loaded results.
  • removed TOTAL tally category for work item status as its unnecessary.
  • ignore cancelled work items instead of adding them to tally as error.
Sat. February 23, 2019
Houdini 18.0.26 Unity plugin: Added convenience function to set parent transform with identify matrix. Added session-based error logging and error throwing overrides which allow session errors to be silenced while invoking HAPI calls that might result in errors that are expected (i.e. missing parms). Sat. February 23, 2019
Houdini 18.0.11 Unity plugin: Now setting collider component's state on generated output in sync with the meshrenderer component's state. This fixes the case where intermediate gameobjects such as instanced meshes didn't have their collider disabled. Fri. February 8, 2019
Houdini 18.0.10 Unity plugin: Using folder dialog for folder parm types, instead of file. Also took out changing the path to be relative to Assets and validating it. Thu. February 7, 2019
Houdini 18.0.7 Unity plugin: Instanced objects now have their transform combined with their source prefab transform. Originally the point transform overrode existing Unity's transform.

Fixed HEU_GeoSync creating extraneous prefab instances due to importing then loading the asset. Removed the import, and kept just the load. Fixed HEU_GeoSync instances properly applying the point transform with the source prefab's transform. Fixed work item tallying for PDG Asset Link interface.

Mon. February 4, 2019
Houdini 18.0.6 Unity plugin: Added support for part instancers and point attribute instancing for HEU_GeoSync and the threaded geometry loader. This means that prefabs and assets in Unity can be instanced by setting their paths on point attributes. Sun. February 3, 2019
Houdini 18.0.5 Unity plugin: Lots of UI improvements and some bug fixes to the PDG Asset Link: More polished interface, added work items tally, showing work items tally for entire asset, as well as individual top nodes, and progress ratio. Sat. February 2, 2019
Houdini 18.0.4 Unity plugin: Moved out HEU_PartData.GetInstanceOutputName into HEU_GeometryUtility. Moved out the LOD transitions array into HEU_GenerateGeoCache. Added support for loading regular mesh geometry and part instancers for HEU_GeoSync, and therefore indirectly to HEU_PDGAssetLink. Fri. February 1, 2019
Houdini 17.5.151 Unity plugin: Fixed terrain layer data not being kpt around on Rebuild Asset. Mon. January 28, 2019
Houdini 17.5.142 Unity plugin: GameObject name is correctly set for attribute 'unity_input_mesh_name' when using scene objects as inputs. Project path is used if using a prefab.

Also enabling by default the Transfom Change Triggers Cook global plugin setting.

Sat. January 19, 2019
Houdini 17.5.131 Unity plugin: Handle missing material gracefully. Refactored some of the heightfield functions for terrain generation out to HEU_GeometryUtility.cs from HEU_VolumeCache.cs. Mon. January 7, 2019
Houdini 17.5.130 Unity plugin: Added support for point instancing via unity_instance attribute, without the need to have it reside inside an instancer node. This is supported for any point-only geometry that doesn't contain vertices or meshes. Sun. January 6, 2019
Houdini 17.5.110 Unity plugin: Fix for terrain generation from heightfield when height layer is not the first layer. Mon. December 17, 2018
Houdini 17.5.110 Fixed broken link on docs/houdini/hom/pythoncop.html Fixes Bug : 92177 Mon. December 17, 2018
Houdini 17.5.107 Unity plugin: Now supports loading expanded HDAs. Fri. December 14, 2018
Houdini 17.5.106 Unity plugin: Heightfield layers sharing the same "tile" attribute value in a Geo node will be created as a single Unity terrain with corresponding layers. This allows an object merge containing multiple heightfield layers to be grouped properly by tile index when creating Unity terrain with layers. Thu. December 13, 2018