Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 6.1.82 Added an initial implementation of the Pelt SOP which operates on the UV coordinates of polygons. The Pelt SOP generates UV coordinates by assuming each edge in the model is a spring and the finds the positions for the points which minimises the energy in the springs. The user can cut the geometry and specify the boundary points to be connected to a circular frame in UV space. The value of the each spring constant is reciprocal of the corresponding edge length. Tue. July 22, 2003
Houdini 6.1.82 Fixed some problems with the Type Properties dialog Parameters page. Turning a Button parameter invisible would turn it into an Integer parameter, and saving out a parameter with an empty menu would make the menu disappear completely. Both of these problems are now fixed. Tue. July 22, 2003
Houdini 6.1.81 New tool, "Bones From Curve", was added for creating bone chains along a curve. Given a curve and a number of bones, the tool will generate a chain of bones whose joints are placed on the curve. These joints are seperated by equal arc distance along the curve, and the first and last joints ale located at the curve's ends. Mon. July 21, 2003
Houdini 6.1.81 When rendering multiple images in a single IFD (i.e. shadow maps, reflection maps), and there were shaders defined at the geometry level, deep raster output may have failed (i.e. generated black planes in the output image). Mon. July 21, 2003
Houdini 6.1.81 Fixed crash that could happen in the object level Pose tool when changing the handle type with no objects selected. Mon. July 21, 2003
Houdini 6.1.81 Fixed bug with Channel Copy COP that could cause the application to crash on Windows platforms. Mon. July 21, 2003
Houdini 6.1.81 It is now possible to call light shaders (via illuminance() loops) from within displacement shaders. If the light shader (or shadow shaders) call ray-tracing statements, these functions will still be undefined. Computing illumination from within displacement shaders has limited application, unless the light shader is computing projective information for texture application. Allowing light shaders to be called from within displacement shaders provides a mechanism for projecting texture during displacement shading. Mon. July 21, 2003
Houdini 6.1.80 Fixed bug where the object viewer did not update if an object's wire color was indirectly changed through a reference such as digital asset parameter. Sun. July 20, 2003
Houdini 6.1.78 It is now possible to add blind data to the POP_ContextData for custom POPs. This allows custom POPs to add state information which is unique per POP context. That is, if multiple SOPs reference the same POP network, the POPs can have unique data per network. It is also possible to find out about resetting of the simulation through this mechanism. Please see POP_BlindData.h in the HDK for more details. Fri. July 18, 2003
Houdini 6.1.78 Added first implementation of SOP_GroupTransfer which uses closest proximity mapping to transfer point and primitive groups from the source geometry to the destination geometry. Fri. July 18, 2003
Houdini 6.1.78 When velocity motion blur was applied to geometry which had a a vector attribute named the same as a float[3] attribute, mantra would most likely core dump. This has been fixed and a warning is now printed out. Fri. July 18, 2003
Houdini 6.1.78 Fixed bug with File COP where setting the Depth to Project Depth would ignore project black/white points. Fri. July 18, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 Fixed two instances of a bug where the current node can end up not being selected. This could occur in the network op list (using the j/k keys to navigate) and by using the path menu at the top of panes. Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 There were issues with the "ingroup" and "relbbox" VEX functions when all arguments to the function were constants. This lead to core dumps in Houdini. This has been fixed. Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 The popup info for VOP Networks now displays the full paths to any nodes of the type defined by the VOP Network. Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 Added Apply and Discard buttons to the Edit Contents dialog (accessed from the Operator Type Manager). Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 Manipulating the joints of IK bone chains now updates their rest positions to the target (final) locations. If IK affector is present, its position is set to the tip of the last bone in the IK bone chain. Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 Fixed the problem of not inserting Capture Correct SOP when the locked SOP was itself a capture correct COP, or when an existing Capture Correct SOP was being bypassed. Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 An auto-correct capture check button has been added in the Bones state as a state parameter. If it is turned on, a Capture Correct SOP is inserted automatically to the network, if it is needed, when a joint is manipulated. (See the Capture Correct help for more info). Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 Added help for the Replace and Toggle menu options on the Parameters page of the Type Properties dialog. Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 The COP input functions cinput, binput and finput now only accept optional parameters (such as "wrap") on the long versions of the functions. Previously the medium and short versions also accepted them, but this caused programming errors in mismatching the parms to go silently unnoticed, as the compiler would just pick a shorter version of the function and assume the extra parameters were just optional. Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 Shift + Left Mouse Click on handles is now used for multiple joint handle selection instead of the handle detachment from the object. To detach the handle from the object, use the Right Mouse Click to bring up a handle menu and choose "Toggle handle-geometry detachment". Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.77 The Hider menu in the RenderMan output driver now has an option to disable micro-polygon cache files (please see $HH/FBrihider for details). Thu. July 17, 2003
Houdini 6.1.76 When parameters of a SHOP which was applied as an indirect reference on geometry were changed, the viewport often didn't update correctly. The viewport should now redraw properly when indirect referenced SHOPs are changed. Wed. July 16, 2003
Houdini 6.1.76 Fixing a bug where the viewport wouldn't update when animating the window parameters of a camera. Wed. July 16, 2003