Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 5.1.66 The Dopesheet can now show an entire channel group as a single row. To add these "group rows" to the Dopesheet, the groups pane in the channel lister has options for collapsing/expanding the scoped channels of a group in the Dopesheet. Please refer to the pulldown menu of each individual group and the Ctrl-Right mouse menu in the channel groups pane. Thu. March 28, 2002
Houdini 5.1.66 A new "Channels..." menu entry has been added to the right-mouse menu of most operator tiles in the network editor. This item brings up a dialog which allows you to scope channels of the operator and/or its descendents/outputs. You also have the option to create a group with these channels.

This dialog can also be accessed by right-clicking on an operator in the channel lister beside the channel editor.

Thu. March 28, 2002
Houdini 5.1.66 A new pragma has been added to the VEX preprocessor to allow simple disabling of parameters in the Parameter dialog. The syntax is:

        #pragma disable parm [controlparm controlvalue] ...

There may be multiple controlparm/controlvalue pairs on the line. The parameter 'parm' will be disabled if controlparm's current value matches 'controlvalue'. If more than 1 pair is specified, all must match in order for the parm to be disabled.

This pragma may be used multiple times on the same parameter, effectively creating an 'or' condition. ie,

        #pragma disable color usecolor off
        #pragma disable color fill off

with disable the color parm if either usecolor or fill is off.

Toggle parms either have the value 'on' or 'off'. Menu parms will have the value of the token specified by the #pragma choice statement.

The equivalent dialog script command is:

        disablewhen { controlparm controlvalue [....] }

This command is only valid within a parm {} block.

Thu. March 28, 2002
Houdini 5.1.66 There have been two new functions added to the expression handling in the CPP processor (which is used by vcc, table parsing, dialog script parsing etc.)

        strcmp("string1", "string2")

The strcmp() function has the same semantics as the C function of the same name. The access() function checks for that the filename specified can be read by the current process. This means that it exists on disk and has valid read permissions. For example:

        #if strcmp("foo", "bar") != 0
                echo "foo" is not equal to "bar"

        #if access("$HFS/houdini/vex/VEXsop")
                echo The file "$HFS/houdini/vex/VEXsop" can be read
Thu. March 28, 2002
Houdini 5.1.66 We now have rounded connectors for tiles. Thu. March 28, 2002
Houdini 5.1.66 Fixing the saving of handle binding default settings strings. Thu. March 28, 2002
Houdini 5.1.65 There's a new environment variable HOUDINI_MPLAY_LOCKPATH which determines where the mplay .lockfiles are put. This allows users with home directories on NFS to avoid the network penalties by setting the lock file to a local path (i.e. /tmp or c:/temp). Wed. March 27, 2002
Houdini 5.1.64 vcc has been modified to recognize 3.0f or 3.0F as a floating point constant (in accordance to the ANSI mechanism for specifying storage). The ANSI extensions "i", "I", "l" and "L" are not supported. Thus 3i or 3l will still generate syntax errors. Tue. March 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.64 Output of metaballs to RIB was changed drastically. Due to a mis-interpretation of the metaball spec, the metaball weight was effectively output as a scale on the metaball (which is incorrect). Now, the weight is ignored in metaball output unless it's negative (in which case the metaball is subtracted from the sum of the positive metaballs). Tue. March 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.64 Computation of normals for metaballs was "fixed". The previous version caused artifacting of metaball normals. Metaballs will be rendered much smoother now in mantra. Tue. March 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.64 Fixed bug where the 'v' key in the groups channel lister would also attempt to paste keys if you have the dopesheet opened. Tue. March 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.64 Metaball generation for RIB is now improved. Due to a mis-interpretation of the metaball OP codes described in Application note #31, we were previously incorrectly generating scales on metaballs based on their weight. The RIB standard does not seem to support a generalized weight per metaball and thus, the weight of each metaball is silently ignored in RIB generation making RIB files smaller. The one exception is that if the weight of the metaball being output is less than 0, the metaball is subtracted from the sum of all other metaballs. Tue. March 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.64 There are two additional metaball kernel types available now. The "Hart" kernel, suggested by John Hart which was previously shipped as a plug-in (via proto_install) has now been added to the base library. The other kernel is the kernel used by Pixar's Renderman (and possibly other RIB renderers), which is defined as:

        Density = 1 - 3*R^2 + 3*R^4 - R^6

As a note, to generate similar results to RenderMan/Entropy, set the metaball weight to 2.5 (or -2.5).

Tue. March 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.64 If HOUDINI_BACKUP_DIR is set to an invalid directory, we now reset it to the current directory and tell the user. Tue. March 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.63 The Compositor now has snapping and a new Snap Options dialog. All position handles (Rotospline points, transforms, ramp handles, etc) have the current snap settings applied to them. Snapping can optionally be done against:
  • 10 user-defined guides in U or V
  • a user-defined grid
  • the edges of the image.
Mon. March 25, 2002
Houdini 5.1.63 In the DopeSheet (channel editor), the Ctrl+x and Ctrl+c keys now can also be used to cut and copy selected keys. Ctrl+v now does Visual Paste. Mon. March 25, 2002
Houdini 5.1.63 View/C-Plane memories button now conforms to the rest of the UI, complete with font, font size and border around the menu. Mon. March 25, 2002
Houdini 5.1.60 The type-ahead operator selector no longe requires spaces or other punctuation. Such punctuation is entirely optional. Fri. March 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.60 The PIC file format now has a tag for Pixel Aspect ratio, so that PIC files written from COPs will contain the pixel aspect of the COP. These files will be read into mplay with the correct pixel aspect ratio, and read into File COPs properly. Unfortuantely, due to a bug in the Houdini 5.0.69 and lower PIC reader, PIC files written from 5.1.59+ will not be read successfully. This is fixed in 5.0.70 and higher. Fri. March 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.60 The PIC file format has Pixel Aspect ratio added to it, which due to a bug in the 5.0 PIC reader, is not compatible with Houdini 5.0.69 and lower versions. Houdini 5.0.70+ will correctly read 5.1.59+ PIC files. Fri. March 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.60 The Scale COP now has a preserve aspect ratio option. It also has a mode to scale to a different pixel aspect ratio. In addition, all the fraction and size parms update when changed to remain consistant with one another. Fri. March 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.60 The compositor now supports non-square pixels though a pixel aspect parm in the generators. Images with a pixel aspect of something other than 1 are treated as if they were images of resolution (Xres * aspect, Yres). Fri. March 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.60 Improved layout of connectors for VOPs. Lines coming from different outputs of the same node should no longer overlap. Fri. March 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.60 All of the SOPs which handle local variables (such as Point, Transform, etc) now cache their previous local variable table. This removes a significant constant-time overhead from these operators if the incoming geometry has the same types of attributes from cook to cook. Fri. March 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.60 Houdini Difference from 4.1: The PolyReduce operator is less willing to create degenerate polygons in versions 5.0 and later. As a result, the point/polygon orders out of a polyreduce operator may change between the versions. There is no work around. Fri. March 22, 2002