Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 4.9.398 Added display option to turn off specular highlights on a per viewport basis. In display options dialog (under Misc tab). Tue. June 19, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Arrow keys can now be used to navigate through the popup toolbar menus. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Fixed a problem with giges when it was reading in NURB entities that had their periodic flags inconsistent with their basis. We now have a little more respect for the periodic flag set in IGES. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Fixed a bug in vmantra that caused it to ignore all point attributes of a NURBS curve/surface if any vertex attributes were also present. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 There are now handles for the Capture Region SOP.

Capture region handles for bones are also available from the either the Multiple Object state or invoking object-specific handles in the Pose state when bone objects are selected. This is a mode in the bone object's specific handle so you need to change the type to "Capture Region Handle" from the right mouse button menu or use the hotkey 'y' to display it.

Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Fixed two installation problems. First, users who install node- locked houdini licensing will actually be using pipe-based socket emulation on NT. Previously, the pertinent environment variable was being set _after_ the check for that variable. Thus we were using real sockets in most cases. The second preoblem was that after uninstalling houdini, the users path would seem to be fouled up. This was actually because Windows was suddenly failing to expand nested environment variables in the path. To remedy this, the nested variables are expanded by the install program. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.397 Added support for subdivision surfaces to vmantra. Mon. June 18, 2001
Houdini 4.9.394 The boneconvert command is enhanced to convert bones created with older versions of Houdini to the new system where we don't have initial bone length constants in the circle and capture region SOPs of a bone. Fri. June 15, 2001
Houdini 4.9.394 Typing Shift+enter in the viewer's popup toolbar will make the new operator branch instead of placing it in the middle of the op chain. Fri. June 15, 2001
Houdini 4.9.393 PolyKnit can now extend the knitting by shift-clicking after having completed the operation. It will continue to knit from whichever end is closer to where the user clicked. The state should also be a lot more stable now. Thu. June 14, 2001
Houdini 4.9.393 Added the UV viewport type. Any viewport is now capable of being a uv viewport and viewing either point or vertex attributes. Thu. June 14, 2001
Houdini 4.9.393 Typing Shift+p on the sop toolbar will match SOP's starting with "poly". Shift+e will match "edge", and Shift+v will match "vex " in SHOP's. In general, typing a capital letter, even in the middle of an op-prefix, will match as much as possible. Thu. June 14, 2001
Houdini 4.9.393 The toolbar pop-up menu now contains buttons for the 5 most recent operations. The custom toolbars (attribute, polygon, etc.) are no longer displayed in the toolbar. Through the preference dialog they can be redisplayed, and the toolbar history can also be removed. Thu. June 14, 2001
Houdini 4.9.393 Added the Brush SOP. This SOP allows you to paint colours, deform the surface, smooth the surface, or comb normals. It is a non-procedural SOP like the Edit SOP. Thu. June 14, 2001
Houdini 4.9.392 We no longer hard-code the initial bone length factor in the SOP capture radius parameters. The Bones state will correctly set the radius in the object capture radius parameters instead. Wed. June 13, 2001
Houdini 4.9.391 Fixed a bug where Houdini would core-dump if the geometry's selection type is different than the selector's selection type. This bug surfaced when we drag along normals of a bunch of points that the workbench had selected as primitives. Tue. June 12, 2001
Houdini 4.9.391 Fixed prompt in PolyKnit state where they would get lost if the state is interrupted. The PolyKnit SOP will also now show the token where an error occured. Moved the "Keep Original" parameter to the bottom of the list. Updated the help file for PolyKnit to mention that they points should be specified in a zig-zagging fashion. Tue. June 12, 2001
Houdini 4.9.390 Fixed certain cases where giges would core dump on converting an iges file to a geo file. This occurs when an iges entity we support references an iges entity we don't support. Mon. June 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.390 PolyKnit state will now only merge in nodes that are actually used, not just any old node that was clicked on at some point. Mon. June 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.390 PolySplit's tolerance has been increased. It should work more reliably on smaller scale geometry. Mon. June 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.390 IK with constraints now specify angular constraints relative to the rest position of the bone (specified by the Rest Angle parameters, multiplied by the pre-transform). This new method is more flexible than the previous method of specifying absolute x and y angle constraints. Mon. June 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.390 PolyKnit will branch if the user selects the state with the shift-key held down. Mon. June 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.390 PolyKnit state can now detect meta edges and non-meta edges, and provides visual feedback to the user as to which is which. Meta edges are shown in thicker lines. The user has the option to force a non-meta edge by clicking with the middle mouse button on the next point. Mon. June 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.390 The dsreload command will now scan for new operators. This means that when you create a new scripted operator (VEX, Sub-Network), you don't have to re-start Houdini for the change to become active. Mon. June 11, 2001
Houdini 4.9.387 VMantra handles compositing of the Af variable differently now. Previously, the compositing was flawed in that opaque/partially opaque surfaces which had the Af variable set to 0 (i.e. a matte surface) would not composite properly in the rendering process. Now, the Of variable controls how opaque the Af variable is. That is, with a surface shader:

                Cf = 0;
                Of = .5;
                Af = 0;

the surface shaded will occlude 50% of the background color and also 50% of the background alpha. Previously, the Af of the background would have shown through 100%.

Fri. June 8, 2001