Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 5.1.37 Added the flop function to the Flip COP. Flop rotates the image 90 degrees while swapping the X resolution with the Y resolution. Wed. February 27, 2002
Houdini 5.1.37 Added the File Still COP, which loads a single still image and ignores any form of file numbering. This still is available at every frame. This is mostly a convienience for non-compositor users who load static textures or backgrounds. Wed. February 27, 2002
Houdini 5.1.37 The rint() expression now uses bankers rounding on all platforms and not just on UNIX/Linux/Solaris. This means 137.5 will round to 138 but 136.5 will round to 136. This also affects all integer parameters that evaluate expressions that result in exactly 0.5 remainder. Wed. February 27, 2002
Houdini 5.1.37 There is now a display driver for Entropy which can be installed using proto_install. Wed. February 27, 2002
Houdini 5.1.36 In the Properties::Parameters page, you can build new parameters by dragging in parameters in the subnet. This will also automagically create the channel reference when saving out. Tue. February 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.36 New parenting state added. Tue. February 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.36 The Circle SOP allows divisions to be set to 1. This is useful in the Arc methods to create triangles. Tue. February 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.36 The Grid SOP and the Line SOP when used to create Order 2 Beziers produces one less division than in 5.0. This is consistent with the expected number of divisions requested. Tue. February 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.36 When building order 2 beziers with the Grid SOP or the Line SOP the detection of valid orders was incorrect, resulting in an extra division being generated. Tue. February 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.36 imdisplay now takes an option to read an image from stdin using a public and very simple/straightforward protocol. There is public domain code to write to imdisplay which can be found in $HH/public/tomdisplay.tar.gz. Tue. February 26, 2002
Houdini 5.1.35 When generating RIB, varying (not vertex) mappings on NURBs now output the correct number of attributes (rather than just the four corner values). Mon. February 25, 2002
Houdini 5.1.35 The changing of the Display flag in the OP list now observes the exact same rules that apply to the tiles: assuming the Display and Render flags are tied in the Preferences dialog, the Render flag will follow the Display flag if the Display flag and the Render flag were intially both on the same node and the CTRL key is not pressed, or if they were on different nodes but the SHIFT key is pressed. Mon. February 25, 2002
Houdini 5.1.35 The default shader path output to RIB has changed slightly so that any ri_shaders directories found in the HOUDINI_PATH will now occur before the previous path definition. This does not affect any output drivers which override the shading path. Mon. February 25, 2002
Houdini 5.1.35 The Layer and Composite COPs have been improved to include full transforms for each layer, wrapping options and per-layer operations. Mon. February 25, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 The Paint SOP has the Red, Green, and Blue merge modes that let you write to one channel at a time. It also has the Custom merge mode. This will evaluate the colour parameter for each point using the points local variables, letting you do crazy stuff like paint with $BB[XYZ]. Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 Subdivision will now create different point positions for vertices on the edge of a model which have three creased incoming edges. This fixes a non-convex interpolation bug that was generating bad point positions. Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 Vertices with three creaseweights and a missing edge are now treated as hard corners. This avoids non-convex linear interpolation. Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 Particle instancing has been re-written for output to all renderers (RIB, Mantra, Mantra3, Wren, OpenGL etc.). For clarity in the following points:
  • the term "object geometry" refers to the geometry containing the points to instance upon. Typically, this is a particle system.
  • the term "point geometry" refers to the geometry which is to be instanced at each point.

The new per-point instancing has the following properties.

  • Instancing can now occur on non-particle object geometry. Each point in the geometry to instance upon is dealt with as if it were a particle. All the particle attributes to control instance transforms (v, up, trans, rot, orient) can be used to determine the orientation of the instance. However, unlike the copy SOP, orient to normals cannot be done.
  • A toggle in the object render tab must now be turned on to enable per-point instancing.

  • With transformational motion blur, the velocity of the point in the object geometry will contribute to the motion blur transform computations.

  • The point geometry can be specified in two ways. The first being the parameter in the object. The second is by specifying an "instance" attribute per point on the object geometry. If the "instance" attribute is not defined for a point, the object parameter value will be used instead.

  • Currently, for RIB multi-segment motion blur, only the beginning and end of the shutter times are used when instancing per point. However, the transformation on the object itself will be computed properly for sub-shutter samples.

  • Alternate object geometry may be specified by using the "Geometry Instance" parameter in the object. Thus, if the scene contains a particle system "geo_part", it is possible to instance this geometry multiple times and to instance different point geometry for each object.

  • If the point geometry is not defined or is the same as the object geometry, no instancing will occur.

  • If the object geometry is output as geometry to the renderer, it is quite possible that deformation blur may not work as expected if the SOP generating the geometry cannot cook backwards in time (i.e. particle systems). An example of this would be:

    object geo1: object_geometry=geo1 point_geometry=box object geo2: object_geometry=geo1 point_geometry=undefined

    In the above example, geo1 is using its own geometry as object geometry to instance an object called "box" on, but its geometry is also being used by geo2 as plain geometry. This will cause problems in generating scripts for renderers when using deformation blur.

  • For HDK users who have written a custom output driver using the IFD classes, it is no longer necessary to deal with particle instances in the IFD generation code. The IFD_Scene now augments the list of instances with a per-point instance automatically. If you've written an IFD_Scene, you can probably just rip out a whole bunch of code. As a note, it is now possible to get a "unique" object name or the actual object name (which may be required for mask pattern matching).

Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 Drag-n-drop in custom panel UI editor! Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 viewdisplay -D now works. Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 The UV Texture Operation Arc Length Spline mode now behaves as it did in 4.1. In 5.0 it only created integer texture coordinates. Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 The Arc Length Texture option for the UVTexture Operation will now create non-integer texture coordinates. This is a return to the 4.1 behaviour. Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.32 The blend object now has an animatable colour. Fri. February 22, 2002
Houdini 5.1.31 Lots of changes with the new scripted subnet support:
  • Edit Dialog Script from the OP tile RMB is now Properties... and can do lots more than just edit dialog scripts.

  • Properties... works for all optypes, allowing you to change the help card, label, and icon.
  • Define Scripted Subnet... is now Create New Operator Type...
  • The Op Tile RMB now has Export Type... which allows you to save a .optype file with all the information specific to that op.
  • The file menu now has a Install Op Type... which allows you to read .optypes and install them.
  • Command line functions optyperead, optypewrite, optypeinstall, and optypeuninstall allow you to manage all this with scripts.
  • A new Op Tile RMB entry is Create Type From... which works only with subnets. It will create a new scripted subnet which defaults to being the selected subnet. The base name is prefixed by default by HOUDINI_DEFOPTYPEPREFIX, or the user name if that is undefined.
  • If there is a Icons.ignore file on the icon search path, it lists entries of the Icons.index that should be ignored.
  • OPcustomize is now loaded from all places on the HOUDINI_PATH and merged together rather than just the topmost entry.
  • Index files such as SUBsop no longer allow # style comments. Only C++ style comments can be used. Further, it is no longer required (nor recommended) to #include other index files on your HOUDINI_PATH. All index files found on your HOUDINI_PATH will be loaded from the first path to the last.
  • You can use "#pragma ignore foo*" in an index file like SUBsop to ignore any further ops which match the foo* glob pattern.
Thu. February 21, 2002
Houdini 5.1.31 Drag ops/channels onto the channel viewport Drag ops/channels onto the channel group area. Drag ops/channels onto the channel scoper area.

  eg: drop a parm/op/jive-channel into the scoper,
          drag a scope channel into a parm/jive-graph, etc
          drop an op (or more) onto the channel group area.

Scoper now has an extra column square which is the draggable
          component of the sheet.
Thu. February 21, 2002