Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 5.1.52 Values for custom panels are now properly saved and loaded from the hip file. Unfortunately, the interests to execute scripts and watch operator parameter changes are not "wired-up" until a panel's UI is actually built. In addition, slider and input field initial values are currently ignored. Hitting cancel in the interactive UI builder is no longer as prohibitive as it was previously with large custom panels. Thu. March 14, 2002
Houdini 5.1.51 The chls command now lists channels in ascending instead of descending order.

Similarly, the Fetch CHOP now fetches channels in ascending instead of descending order. In this way, it is now consistent with the Export CHOP and if it fetched from parameters which did not have channels.

Wed. March 13, 2002
Houdini 5.1.50 Fixed bug where the bonefixchops command would not properly adjust affected InverseKin CHOPs if the bone chain was in an object subnet. Note that the bonefixchops command is in the delete script of bone objects by default and thus affects regular deletion of bones in IK bone chains. Tue. March 12, 2002
Houdini 5.1.50 The Particle SOP no longer has the Alpha Speed parameter ("alpha"). This will cause warning about unknown channels to be generated in loading old .hip files which can be ignored as the parameter does nothing. The only caveat is if it was used as a spare channel, in which case some work must be done to recover its value. Tue. March 12, 2002
Houdini 5.1.50 The Alpha Speed parameter of the Particle Sop is now gone. As it did nothing before, this is to clean up the interface. Tue. March 12, 2002
Houdini 5.1.50 Group SOP now has a new option under Normal to group out non-planar polygons. Tue. March 12, 2002
Houdini 5.1.50 mwrite now has a -b option that will perform numbered backups. Tue. March 12, 2002
Houdini 5.1.50
  • Added Look At state
  • Added Follow Path state
  • Changed some wording for a prompt in the parenting state.
Tue. March 12, 2002
Houdini 5.1.49 Fixed a bug in Numbered Backup saving where we would pick up extra files that aren't part of our numbered sequence. Mon. March 11, 2002
Houdini 5.1.49 We no longer add a .hip extension to file names that don't have it. Mon. March 11, 2002
Houdini 5.1.49 The Snap Operation has been removed and its ability incorprated into Fuse and UVFuse. Now UVFuse can also snap to grids. Mon. March 11, 2002
Houdini 5.1.49
  • New toggle menu item added to transform type handles, 'Handle follows group' that allows the user to change this option without going to the parameter.
  • The 'Handle Follows Group' option is no longer saved for default. We now default to 'on' for each new operation.
Mon. March 11, 2002
Houdini 5.1.49 Vex POPs now once again work on only their particle stream as opposed to all the points. This was broken when multi-threading was introduced. Mon. March 11, 2002
Houdini 5.1.49 HDK Difference from 4.1: getVariableValue takes two integers not one. The second is the thread evaluating the variable and can be ignored. Mon. March 11, 2002
Houdini 5.1.49 Polygons generated by extruding edges in PolyExtruding are the reverse of how they were generated prior to 5.1. Mon. March 11, 2002
Houdini 5.1.49 Fixed bug in PolyExtrude where the orientation of polygons resulting from edge extrusion was backwards. Mon. March 11, 2002
Houdini 5.1.46 Added four new VEX variations of periodic Perlin noise which take a vector/vector4 to represent the periodic data. Fri. March 8, 2002
Houdini 5.1.45 We now have a Snap Operation which allows you to snap points together, either based on a tolerance or to a grid, without consolidating the point positions. Thu. March 7, 2002
Houdini 5.1.45 We no longer stash obsolete or detected corrupt view commands, and thus we don't resave them when the hip file is saved again. In addition, File > New now clears all the currently stashed commands, so the next save will only save view commands for the existing viewers.

This should help alleviate some of the file bloat problems caused by viewdisplay commands.

Thu. March 7, 2002
Houdini 5.1.44 Fixed bug where renaming the second bone of a three bone IK chain would cause the bone chain to change position in the viewport. However, it restored itself as soon as the tile of the second bone was clicked on. Wed. March 6, 2002
Houdini 5.1.44 Extra inputs (eg. naming dependencies) between operators are no longer saved in hip files. If they exist in the hip file, then they are silently ignored. If requested, they can be saved by setting the environment variable HOUDINI_SAVE_EXTRAINPUTS so that versions prior to 5.1 can load the file with pregenerated operator dependencies.

In versions prior to Houdini 5.1, extra inputs were saved and reloaded so that naming dependencies could be maintained without cooking. eg. Renaming an operator will also rename all channel references to it. This was because naming dependencies would only be generated when an operator cooked and loading a hip file does not necessarily cook the operators. This is especially true if loading a file in hscript.

Starting with Houdini 5.1, naming dependencies are generated regardless of whether an operator is cooked and so saving extra inputs are not needed. Furthermore, when loading hip files, extra inputs are now silently ignored if they happen to exist.

Wed. March 6, 2002
Houdini 5.1.44 Custom panels no longer load automatically from disk. They are now saved to and loaded from hip files. The values in the custom panel are still not properly saved or loaded though. Wed. March 6, 2002
Houdini 5.1.43 The opdepend command has some new options:

                -O lists all extra outputs (ie. those which depend the node)
                -n|N lists all name references/dependents on ths node
Tue. March 5, 2002
Houdini 5.1.43 Added the Deform COP. This cop deforms an image based on the values in a UV map, so you can warp your texture coordinates. Tue. March 5, 2002
Houdini 5.1.43 Fixed several naming dependency problems:
  • The opdepend command now detects referenced objects
  • Having the expressions `opoutputs(..)` and `opinputs(..)` now update as soon as inputs/outputs change
  • The channel editor's segment text field now updates as soon as required
  • Mirroring bone chains that use the skeleton SOP no longer refer to the original bone in the object merge SOPs of the bone.
  • Collapsing all SOPs inside a bone object now correctly fixes all expressions
  • Changing the name of a default group sop no longer changes the group field
  • Collapsing a default group sop no longer changes the group field
  • Channel references in SHOPs and Outputs now update themselves when op names get changed
  • The opdigits(".") expression function now updates as soon as the name changes
Tue. March 5, 2002