Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 6.1.103 Added blending to the AttribTransfer SOP. This creates a fall-off zone where the interpolated source attributes are blended with the existing destination attributes. Corrected string and capture weight transfers for groups. Changed vertex transfers so that each destination vertex is first mapped to the closest source primitive, using its barycenter, and only those vertices belonging to the closest source primitive are used in the transfer. Tue. August 12, 2003
Houdini 6.1.102 The UVPelt SOP now has a field for specifying an output group. The output group will contain the primitives making up the pelt. Also, the 'orientation' parameter has changed from an integer to a floating point value. Mon. August 11, 2003
Houdini 6.1.102 Pop bypassing works again. Mon. August 11, 2003
Houdini 6.1.102 The "chls -a" command has been fixed to print out the animatible parameters in ascending order. Mon. August 11, 2003
Houdini 6.1.99 Fixed a bug in the fog context where the Cl and L variables would be available outside the Illuminance Loop VOP. Using them outside an Illuminance Loop would cause errors when trying to compile the VOP Network. However this means that some VEX Fog Shader VOP Networks created in earlier versions of Houdini may need to be modified slightly when loaded. All Global Variable VOPs should be checked to ensure that the correct outputs are being used.

Similarly, VEX Displacement Shader VOP Networks now only provide access to the Cl and L variables inside an Illuminance Loop VOP. And it is now possible to create an Illuminance Loop VOP in this context.

Fri. August 8, 2003
Houdini 6.1.99 Fixed pending value on channel bug that was introduced in 6.1.13. If we had a pending value on a channel using cubic() which had non-zero slopes, it would not evaluate to the pending value. Fri. August 8, 2003
Houdini 6.1.99 The Bones From Curve tool now incorporates the bone orientation to conform to the y-axis orientation of the Curve Control Vertices (CurveCVs). When a curve is constructed in the Path tool, and the control vertices are rotated around their z-axis, the orientation of their y-axis is used for the bones as up-vectors. The bones will interpolate the y-axis of the consecutive PathCV to smoothly change their twist. Fri. August 8, 2003
Houdini 6.1.99 Box/lasso/brush-picking has been enabled in the Pelt Selector. The menu item for "select front polygons", "select front/back polygons" and "select back polygons" has also been enabled. Creation of edge loops has changed. 'L' will create an edge loop by extending the edge as far as possible. 'l' will create an edge loop but will stop once a selected edge is encountered. Fri. August 8, 2003
Houdini 6.1.99 Fixed channel lister where it would not properly update the scoping of channels when in brief mode. Fri. August 8, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 The name of the Pelt SOP has changed to UVPelt and the default value of the "target type" parameter in this SOP is now "vertices". A bug in the SOP that incorrectly created an edge group (possibly causing a crash when destroying the group) has been fixed. Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 Fixed a problem with the tree browsers where they would not redraw themselves when new nodes were added to the tree. For example, the Operator Type Manager would not redraw when an otload command was executed in the textport, and the node browsers would not redraw when a new node was added. The new entry would only appear when the tree was forced to redraw. Now the redraws happen automatically. Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 The Operator Type Manager dialog now lists the paths to each OTL relative to the OPlibraries file from which it is included, rather than showing the explicit full path to each OTL. Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 Fixed a bug when saving the Type Properties for a node that matches its definition when that node was inside another node which also matches its definition. Previously doing this would erase the contents of the inner node. Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 Fixed a bug where subnets would have problems when the output node in the subnet had a different resolution then the first input to the subnet. Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 Fixing a bug where starting a new edit operation in the viewport when the displayed node is a bypassed edit sop would incorrectly try to reuse the bypassed edit sop. Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 Changing the otcopy command so that it no longer requires the source library (specified with the -l option) to be loaded in the current Houdini session. Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 Added new option to the Global Animation Options (accessible from the playbar), which controls the behavior of the real time playback. The two choices are: "Maintain realtime playback, possibly skipping frames", and "Play every frame, but never faster than FPS". Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.98 Fixed bug that could crash COP2 in the case where we try to save a raster that is packed in a dual non-interleaved packing. The Bump COP for example, generates such rasters. Thu. August 7, 2003
Houdini 6.1.97 Added a folder to organise the Pelt SOP parameters. Also updated the code to interpret an empty string as meaning select all primitives for the optional frame (second input). The hint primitive is now remembered when reselecting. The guide arrow now maintains correct size while repositioning the viewport. Disabled rendering of the frame in UV space when the input to the SOP is invalid. Wed. August 6, 2003
Houdini 6.1.97 Mplay's Save Frame... has been fixed so that it no longer outputs black in some cases. Wed. August 6, 2003
Houdini 6.1.97 Make sure that the code to get the parm hash code also uses the same lock as getting the context data, as they both evaluate parameters, which is not thread-safe. Wed. August 6, 2003
Houdini 6.1.97 Added functionality to the parm dialog to allow callback buttons and menus to operate on all selected nodes. Wed. August 6, 2003
Houdini 6.1.97 Fixing a problem where, when sending multiple lines to hscript through a pipe on unix, hscript would only immediately execute the first line. It would eventually execute the other lines, but only when more data was sent to it on the pipe or when the pipe was closed. Wed. August 6, 2003
Houdini 6.1.96 Made several improvements to the Pelt SOP. The Pelt SOP now supports an optional second input. The first closed face on the second input will be used as the frame for pelting. If frame is specified, a circle is used. Parameters were also added to specify where the pelt should appear in UV space.

A guide arrow was added to show the direction of "next edge" operation when using the Pelt Selector. The hotkey 'r' was added to reverse the direction of the edge. The colour of the guide geometry was changed to blue for the section to be pelted and red for the edges that will be connected to the frame. Guide geometry is also rendered in UV space to show the location of the frame.

The undo operation was fixed to handle of both edge selections and hint primitive selections. Buttons for the selection type (points/primitives/edges/etc.) are now disabled while using the Pelt Selector.

Tue. August 5, 2003
Houdini 6.1.96 Checks are now added to avoid modifying the pre-transform of an object if the user does not have write permission (eg. within a locked digital asset). Tue. August 5, 2003