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FBX_Geometry.h File Reference
#include "FBX_API.h"
#include "FBX_Common.h"
#include <functional>
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typedef std::function< void(bool)> FBX_ProcessLayerCB


FBX_API bool FBXgeoConvert (GU_Detail *gdp, FbxGeometry *fbx_geo, FBX_ErrorManager &err_mgr, const FBX_ProcessLayerCB &process_layers)
FBX_API bool FBXgeoBasicConvert (GU_Detail *gdp, FbxGeometry *fbx_geo, FBX_ErrorManager &err_mgr, bool convert_materials, bool maya_compatible)

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::function<void(bool)> FBX_ProcessLayerCB

Definition at line 20 of file FBX_Geometry.h.

Function Documentation

FBX_API bool FBXgeoBasicConvert ( GU_Detail gdp,
FbxGeometry *  fbx_geo,
FBX_ErrorManager err_mgr,
bool  convert_materials,
bool  maya_compatible 

Convert FbxGeometry into a GU_Detail with basic built-in material and attribute handling. Note that the FBX scene must have been loaded with ExtractEmbeddedMedia enabled for texture references to be valid.

FBX_API bool FBXgeoConvert ( GU_Detail gdp,
FbxGeometry *  fbx_geo,
FBX_ErrorManager err_mgr,
const FBX_ProcessLayerCB process_layers 

Convert FbxGeometry into a GU_Detail. Material and attribute handling is done by process_layers.