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GA_GenericMathVertex< GA_Offset > Class Template Reference

Specialization of GA_GenericMathVertex for GA_Offset. More...

#include <GA_GenericHandle.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GA_GenericMathVertex< GA_Offset >:

Public Member Functions

 GA_GenericMathVertex (const GA_ROGenericHandleVertex< GA_Offset > &h)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GA_GenericMath< GA_Offset, GA_ATTRIB_VERTEX >
 GA_GenericMath (const GA_ROGenericHandle< GA_Offset, T_OWNER > &h)
bool setElement (GA_Offset &val)
void copy (GA_Offset source_index) const
void add (GA_WeightedSum &sum, GA_Offset source_index, fpreal w) const
void addH (GA_WeightedSum &sum, GA_Offset source_index, fpreal w) const
void startSum (const GA_WeightedSum &sum) const
void startHSum (const GA_WeightedSum &sum) const
void finishSum (const GA_WeightedSum &sum, fpreal normalization=1) const
void finishHSum (const GA_WeightedSum &sum, fpreal normalization=1) const
bool isEqual (const GA_Offset &val) const
bool isAlmostEqual (const GA_Offset &val) const
void zero () const
void multiply (fpreal scale) const
void copyDest (GA_Offsetval) const
void addDest (GA_Offsetval) const
void addDest (GA_WeightedSum &sum, GA_Offsetval, fpreal w) const
void subDest (GA_Offsetval) const
void lerpDest (GA_Offsets0, GA_Offsets1, fpreal t) const
void addHDest (GA_WeightedSum &sum, GA_Offsetval, fpreal w) const
void dehomogenizeData (GA_Offset *data, int size)

Detailed Description

class GA_GenericMathVertex< GA_Offset >

Specialization of GA_GenericMathVertex for GA_Offset.

Definition at line 488 of file GA_GenericHandle.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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