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GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem Class Referenceabstract

#include <GABC_IItem.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem:

Public Member Functions

 GABC_IItem (const GABC_IArchivePtr &arch=NULL)
 GABC_IItem (const GABC_IItem &src)
virtual ~GABC_IItem ()
GABC_IItemoperator= (const GABC_IItem &src)
virtual void purge ()=0
const GABC_IArchivePtrarchive () const
void setArchive (const GABC_IArchivePtr &a)

Detailed Description

Objects stored in GABC_IArchives

Since IArchives keep references to objects, holding onto a reference will prevent the archive from closing. When we try to close an archive (i.e. so that we can write over it), we can't have any references dangling. The GABC_IArchive maintains a set of all the items and can force them to purge their data.

Definition at line 45 of file GABC_IItem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem::GABC_IItem ( const GABC_IArchivePtr arch = NULL)
GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem::GABC_IItem ( const GABC_IItem src)
virtual GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem::~GABC_IItem ( )

Member Function Documentation

const GABC_IArchivePtr& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem::archive ( ) const

Access the archive

Definition at line 66 of file GABC_IItem.h.

GABC_IItem& GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem::operator= ( const GABC_IItem src)

Definition at line 52 of file GABC_IItem.h.

virtual void GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem::purge ( )
pure virtual

Purge any references to objects in the Alembic archive. Once the object is purged, it should be considered to be an invalid object. The object does not have to re-resolve itself.

The purge() method should not alter the base class archive.


void GABC_NAMESPACE::GABC_IItem::setArchive ( const GABC_IArchivePtr a)

Access the archive

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