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GT_GEORLESizeList Class Reference

#include <GT_GEOSupport.h>

Public Types

using ArrayType = UT_RLEArray< GT_Size >
using iterator = ArrayType::iterator

Public Member Functions

 GT_GEORLESizeList ()
 GT_GEORLESizeList (const GT_GEORLESizeList &src)
 ~GT_GEORLESizeList ()
void clear ()
void append (GT_Size item)
bool is32Bit () const
GT_Size min () const
GT_Size max () const
GT_Size size () const
void setMin (GA_Size value)
void setMax (GA_Size value)
void concat (const GT_GEORLESizeList &src)
GT_DataArrayHandle allocateArray () const
iterator begin () const
iterator end () const
void dump (const char *msg="", bool full=true) const
 Debug. More...

Detailed Description

Run-length encoded list of sizes. Useful for building lists of counts where the same count is repeated multiple times. No random access allowed

Definition at line 187 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 190 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

using GT_GEORLESizeList::iterator = ArrayType::iterator

Definition at line 191 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GT_GEORLESizeList::GT_GEORLESizeList ( )

Definition at line 193 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

GT_GEORLESizeList::GT_GEORLESizeList ( const GT_GEORLESizeList src)

Definition at line 198 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

GT_GEORLESizeList::~GT_GEORLESizeList ( )

Member Function Documentation

GT_DataArrayHandle GT_GEORLESizeList::allocateArray ( ) const
void GT_GEORLESizeList::append ( GT_Size  item)

Definition at line 211 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

iterator GT_GEORLESizeList::begin ( void  ) const

Definition at line 235 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

void GT_GEORLESizeList::clear ( )

Definition at line 206 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

void GT_GEORLESizeList::concat ( const GT_GEORLESizeList src)
void GT_GEORLESizeList::dump ( const char *  msg = "",
bool  full = true 
) const


iterator GT_GEORLESizeList::end ( void  ) const

Definition at line 236 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

bool GT_GEORLESizeList::is32Bit ( ) const

Definition at line 224 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

GT_Size GT_GEORLESizeList::max ( ) const

Definition at line 226 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

GT_Size GT_GEORLESizeList::min ( ) const

Definition at line 225 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

void GT_GEORLESizeList::setMax ( GA_Size  value)

Definition at line 230 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

void GT_GEORLESizeList::setMin ( GA_Size  value)

Definition at line 229 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

GT_Size GT_GEORLESizeList::size ( void  ) const

Definition at line 227 of file GT_GEOSupport.h.

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