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Hd_AdjacencyBufferSource Class Reference

#include <vertexAdjacency.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Hd_AdjacencyBufferSource:

Public Member Functions

HD_API Hd_AdjacencyBufferSource (Hd_VertexAdjacency const *adjacency, HdBufferSourceSharedPtr const &adjacencyBuilder)
virtual HD_API void GetBufferSpecs (HdBufferSpecVector *specs) const override
virtual HD_API bool Resolve () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdComputedBufferSource
virtual HD_API TfToken constGetName () const override
 Return the name of this buffer source. More...
virtual HD_API size_t ComputeHash () const override
 Computes and returns a hash value for the underlying data. More...
virtual HD_API void constGetData () const override
 Following interfaces will be called after Resolve. More...
virtual HD_API HdTupleType GetTupleType () const override
 Returns the data type and count (array size) for this buffer source. More...
virtual HD_API size_t GetNumElements () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdBufferSource
 HdBufferSource ()
virtual HD_API ~HdBufferSource ()
bool IsResolved () const
 Returns true it this computation has already been resolved. More...
bool HasResolveError () const
 Returns true if an error occurred during resolve. More...
HD_API bool IsValid () const
virtual HD_API bool HasPreChainedBuffer () const
 Returns true if this buffer has a pre-chained buffer. More...
virtual HD_API
GetPreChainedBuffer () const
 Returns the pre-chained buffer. More...
virtual HD_API bool HasChainedBuffer () const
 Returns true if this buffer has any chained buffer(s) More...
virtual HD_API
GetChainedBuffers () const
 Returns the vector of chained buffers. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual HD_API bool _CheckValid () const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HdComputedBufferSource
void _SetResult (HdBufferSourceSharedPtr const &result)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HdBufferSource
void _SetResolved ()
void _SetResolveError ()
bool _TryLock ()

Detailed Description

A buffer source that puts an already computed adjacency table into a resource registry buffer. This computation should be dependent on an Hd_AdjacencyBuilderComputation.

Definition at line 166 of file vertexAdjacency.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HD_API Hd_AdjacencyBufferSource::Hd_AdjacencyBufferSource ( Hd_VertexAdjacency const adjacency,
HdBufferSourceSharedPtr const adjacencyBuilder 

Member Function Documentation

virtual HD_API bool Hd_AdjacencyBufferSource::_CheckValid ( ) const

Checks the validity of the source buffer. This function is called by IsValid() to do the real checking.

Should only be implemented in classes at leafs of the class hierarchy (Please place common validation code in a new non-virtual method)

This code should return false:

  • If the buffer would produce an invalid BufferSpec
  • If a required dependent buffer is invalid For example, return false when: The data type is invalid, causing an invalid BufferSpec.

The resolve step requires a 'source' buffer and that buffer is invalid.

If returning false, the buffer will not be registered with the resource registry. AddBufferSpec and Resolve will not be called

Implements HdBufferSource.

virtual HD_API void Hd_AdjacencyBufferSource::GetBufferSpecs ( HdBufferSpecVector specs) const

Add the buffer spec for this buffer source into given bufferspec vector. note: buffer specs has to be determined before the source resolution.

Implements HdBufferSource.

virtual HD_API bool Hd_AdjacencyBufferSource::Resolve ( )

Prepare the access of GetData(). This process may include some computations (e.g. cpu smooth normals). Note: Resolve may be called in parallel from multiple threads across buffer sources, so be careful if it uses static/shared states among objects. Returns true if it resolved. If the buffer source has to wait some results of other buffer sources, or the buffer source is being resolved by other threads, it returns false.

Implements HdBufferSource.

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