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OP3D_SelectorSupport Class Referenceabstract

#include <OP3D_SelectorSupport.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for OP3D_SelectorSupport:


struct  Handler

Public Types

using Selector = OP3D_InputSelectorBase

Public Member Functions

 OP3D_SelectorSupport (Handler *handler)
 OP3D_SelectorSupport ()=delete
 ~OP3D_SelectorSupport () override
void init (PI_PythonState::Info &template_info)
void trigger (char const *name, PI_PythonState::SelectorAction action)
void onHandlerStart ()
void updatePrompt ()
bool started () const
UI_ValuefinishedValue ()
bool useSelector () const
int handleMouseEvent (UI_Event *event)
int handleMouseWheelEvent (UI_Event *event)
int handleDoubleClickEvent (UI_Event *event)
int handleKeyEvent (UI_Event *event, BM_Viewport &viewport)
bool handleTransitoryKey (const UI_Event &event)
bool handleHotkey (int key)
void handleNodeDeleted (OP_Node &node)
void doHandleSelection (UI_Event *)
OP3D_ScriptSelectStateInfoPtr & selectorInfo ()
char constselectorName () const
PI_PythonState::SecureSelectionOption secureSelectionOption () const
bool selectionHandlingStatus () const
virtual Selectorselector ()=0
virtual void createSelector ()=0
virtual void termSelector ()=0
virtual void clearSelectorPtr ()=0
virtual int getToolboxCount () const =0
virtual UI_Feel * getToolbox (int index) const =0
virtual void handleVolatileSelection ()
virtual void handleExistingSelection ()
virtual bool canHandleExistingSelection () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
 UI_Object ()
virtual ~UI_Object ()
 UI_Object (const UI_Object &)=delete
UI_Objectoperator= (const UI_Object &)=delete
virtual void handleEvent (UI_Event *event)
virtual int interestingEvent (UI_EventType t, UI_DeviceEvent *event) const
virtual void deleteReferences (UI_Object *to_whom)
UI_ObjectgetParent () const
void setParent (UI_Object *p)
bool isAncestor (const UI_Object *who) const
void addDependent (UI_Object *who)
bool removeDependent (UI_Object *who)
bool replaceDependent (UI_Object *who, UI_Object *with)
bool isDependent (UI_Object *who) const
bool hasDependents () const
const UI_ObjectListdependents () const
void sendEvent (const UI_Event &e) const
void distributeEvent (UI_Event *event, int upwards)
void relayEvent (UI_Event *event, UI_Object *target)
void generateEvent (UI_EventType t, UI_Object *target)
void purgeEvents (UI_EventType t, UI_Object *target, UI_EventMethod method=0)
void triggerImmediateEvent (UI_Event *event, int upwards)
virtual const char * className () const
int getProxyId ()
void bumpQueueCount (int dir)
void setName (const char *symbolName)
const char * getName () const
void buildFullPath (UT_WorkBuffer &string) const
void debugQueueEventsFor (const UI_Value *value, const char *name, UI_EventType t=UI_EVENT_NO_EVENT) const
const UI_ValueListvalueInterests () const
void interestedInValue (UI_Value *)
void removeValueInterest (UI_Value *)

Protected Member Functions

Handlerhandler ()
Handler consthandler () const
void updateToolbox ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
UI_ObjectListdependents ()
virtual void preTerminateCallback ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from UI_Object
static UI_ManagergetManager ()
static UI_Queue * getInputQueue ()
static int keycmp (const char *, int key)
static int keycmp (const char *, int key, const UI_HotkeyEcho &)
static void keyEcho (const char *, const UI_HotkeyEcho &)
static void actionKeyEcho (const char *, const char *custom_suffix=0)
static void toggleKeyEcho (const char *, bool new_value)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file OP3D_SelectorSupport.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OP3D_SelectorSupport::OP3D_SelectorSupport ( Handler handler)
OP3D_SelectorSupport::OP3D_SelectorSupport ( )
OP3D_SelectorSupport::~OP3D_SelectorSupport ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool OP3D_SelectorSupport::canHandleExistingSelection ( ) const

Definition at line 109 of file OP3D_SelectorSupport.h.

virtual void OP3D_SelectorSupport::clearSelectorPtr ( )
pure virtual
virtual void OP3D_SelectorSupport::createSelector ( )
pure virtual
void OP3D_SelectorSupport::doHandleSelection ( UI_Event )
UI_Value& OP3D_SelectorSupport::finishedValue ( )
virtual UI_Feel* OP3D_SelectorSupport::getToolbox ( int  index) const
pure virtual
virtual int OP3D_SelectorSupport::getToolboxCount ( ) const
pure virtual
int OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleDoubleClickEvent ( UI_Event event)
virtual void OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleExistingSelection ( )

Definition at line 107 of file OP3D_SelectorSupport.h.

bool OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleHotkey ( int  key)
int OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleKeyEvent ( UI_Event event,
BM_Viewport &  viewport 
int OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleMouseEvent ( UI_Event event)
int OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleMouseWheelEvent ( UI_Event event)
void OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleNodeDeleted ( OP_Node node)
Handler* OP3D_SelectorSupport::handler ( )
Handler const* OP3D_SelectorSupport::handler ( ) const
bool OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleTransitoryKey ( const UI_Event event)
virtual void OP3D_SelectorSupport::handleVolatileSelection ( )

Definition at line 105 of file OP3D_SelectorSupport.h.

void OP3D_SelectorSupport::init ( PI_PythonState::Info &  template_info)
void OP3D_SelectorSupport::onHandlerStart ( )
PI_PythonState::SecureSelectionOption OP3D_SelectorSupport::secureSelectionOption ( ) const
bool OP3D_SelectorSupport::selectionHandlingStatus ( ) const
virtual Selector* OP3D_SelectorSupport::selector ( )
pure virtual
OP3D_ScriptSelectStateInfoPtr& OP3D_SelectorSupport::selectorInfo ( )
char const* OP3D_SelectorSupport::selectorName ( ) const
bool OP3D_SelectorSupport::started ( ) const
virtual void OP3D_SelectorSupport::termSelector ( )
pure virtual
void OP3D_SelectorSupport::trigger ( char const name,
PI_PythonState::SelectorAction  action 
void OP3D_SelectorSupport::updatePrompt ( )
void OP3D_SelectorSupport::updateToolbox ( )
bool OP3D_SelectorSupport::useSelector ( ) const

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