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H5AC_cache_config_t Struct Reference

#include <H5ACpublic.h>

Public Attributes

int version
hbool_t rpt_fcn_enabled
hbool_t open_trace_file
hbool_t close_trace_file
char trace_file_name [H5AC__MAX_TRACE_FILE_NAME_LEN+1]
hbool_t evictions_enabled
hbool_t set_initial_size
size_t initial_size
double min_clean_fraction
size_t max_size
size_t min_size
long int epoch_length
enum H5C_cache_incr_mode incr_mode
double lower_hr_threshold
double increment
hbool_t apply_max_increment
size_t max_increment
enum H5C_cache_flash_incr_mode flash_incr_mode
double flash_multiple
double flash_threshold
enum H5C_cache_decr_mode decr_mode
double upper_hr_threshold
double decrement
hbool_t apply_max_decrement
size_t max_decrement
int epochs_before_eviction
hbool_t apply_empty_reserve
double empty_reserve
int dirty_bytes_threshold
int metadata_write_strategy

Detailed Description

Definition at line 443 of file H5ACpublic.h.

Member Data Documentation

hbool_t H5AC_cache_config_t::apply_empty_reserve

Definition at line 494 of file H5ACpublic.h.

hbool_t H5AC_cache_config_t::apply_max_decrement

Definition at line 489 of file H5ACpublic.h.

hbool_t H5AC_cache_config_t::apply_max_increment

Definition at line 474 of file H5ACpublic.h.

hbool_t H5AC_cache_config_t::close_trace_file

Definition at line 451 of file H5ACpublic.h.

enum H5C_cache_decr_mode H5AC_cache_config_t::decr_mode

Definition at line 483 of file H5ACpublic.h.

double H5AC_cache_config_t::decrement

Definition at line 487 of file H5ACpublic.h.

int H5AC_cache_config_t::dirty_bytes_threshold

Definition at line 499 of file H5ACpublic.h.

double H5AC_cache_config_t::empty_reserve

Definition at line 495 of file H5ACpublic.h.

long int H5AC_cache_config_t::epoch_length

Definition at line 464 of file H5ACpublic.h.

int H5AC_cache_config_t::epochs_before_eviction

Definition at line 492 of file H5ACpublic.h.

hbool_t H5AC_cache_config_t::evictions_enabled

Definition at line 454 of file H5ACpublic.h.

enum H5C_cache_flash_incr_mode H5AC_cache_config_t::flash_incr_mode

Definition at line 477 of file H5ACpublic.h.

double H5AC_cache_config_t::flash_multiple

Definition at line 478 of file H5ACpublic.h.

double H5AC_cache_config_t::flash_threshold

Definition at line 479 of file H5ACpublic.h.

enum H5C_cache_incr_mode H5AC_cache_config_t::incr_mode

Definition at line 468 of file H5ACpublic.h.

double H5AC_cache_config_t::increment

Definition at line 472 of file H5ACpublic.h.

size_t H5AC_cache_config_t::initial_size

Definition at line 457 of file H5ACpublic.h.

double H5AC_cache_config_t::lower_hr_threshold

Definition at line 470 of file H5ACpublic.h.

size_t H5AC_cache_config_t::max_decrement

Definition at line 490 of file H5ACpublic.h.

size_t H5AC_cache_config_t::max_increment

Definition at line 475 of file H5ACpublic.h.

size_t H5AC_cache_config_t::max_size

Definition at line 461 of file H5ACpublic.h.

int H5AC_cache_config_t::metadata_write_strategy

Definition at line 500 of file H5ACpublic.h.

double H5AC_cache_config_t::min_clean_fraction

Definition at line 459 of file H5ACpublic.h.

size_t H5AC_cache_config_t::min_size

Definition at line 462 of file H5ACpublic.h.

hbool_t H5AC_cache_config_t::open_trace_file

Definition at line 450 of file H5ACpublic.h.

hbool_t H5AC_cache_config_t::rpt_fcn_enabled

Definition at line 448 of file H5ACpublic.h.

hbool_t H5AC_cache_config_t::set_initial_size

Definition at line 456 of file H5ACpublic.h.

char H5AC_cache_config_t::trace_file_name[H5AC__MAX_TRACE_FILE_NAME_LEN+1]

Definition at line 452 of file H5ACpublic.h.

double H5AC_cache_config_t::upper_hr_threshold

Definition at line 485 of file H5ACpublic.h.

int H5AC_cache_config_t::version

Definition at line 446 of file H5ACpublic.h.

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