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HgiPipelineDesc Struct Reference

#include <graphicsPipeline.h>

Detailed Description

Describes the properties needed to create a GPU pipeline.

  • resourceBindings: The resource bindings that will be bound when the pipeline is used. Primarily used to query the vertex attributes.
  • shaderProgram: Shader functions/stages used in this pipeline.
  • depthState: (Graphics pipeline only) Describes depth state for a pipeline.
  • multiSampleState: (Graphics pipeline only) Various settings to control multi-sampling.
  • rasterizationState: (Graphics pipeline only) Various settings to control rasterization.
  • vertexBuffers: Description of the vertex buffers (per-vertex attributes). The actual VBOs are bound via GraphicsCmds.
  • colorAttachmentDescs: Describes each of the color attachments.
  • depthAttachmentDesc: Describes the depth attachment (optional)

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