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OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone Struct Reference

Grading tone values. More...

#include <OpenColorTransforms.h>

Public Member Functions

 GradingTone ()=delete
 GradingTone (const GradingTone &)=default
 GradingTone (GradingStyle style)
void validate () const

Public Attributes

GradingRGBMSW m_blacks
GradingRGBMSW m_shadows
GradingRGBMSW m_midtones
GradingRGBMSW m_highlights
GradingRGBMSW m_whites
double m_scontrast { 1.0 }

Detailed Description

Grading tone values.

Definition at line 612 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::GradingTone ( )
OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::GradingTone ( const GradingTone )
OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::GradingTone ( GradingStyle  style)

Definition at line 616 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

Member Function Documentation

void OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::validate ( ) const

The valid range for each parameter varies. The client is expected to enforce these bounds in the UI.

Member Data Documentation

GradingRGBMSW OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::m_blacks

Definition at line 641 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

GradingRGBMSW OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::m_highlights

Definition at line 644 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

GradingRGBMSW OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::m_midtones

Definition at line 643 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

double OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::m_scontrast { 1.0 }

Definition at line 646 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

GradingRGBMSW OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::m_shadows

Definition at line 642 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

GradingRGBMSW OCIO_NAMESPACE::GradingTone::m_whites

Definition at line 645 of file OpenColorTransforms.h.

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