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The parameter editor lets you edit the parameters of the selected node to change how it works. However, sometimes there is a set of parameters that you want constant and easy access to. For example:

  • Parameters are on a deeply nested node that’s time consuming to navigate to.

  • You are constantly tweaking parameters from two different nodes and don’t want to switch back and forth between them.

  • You want to put some useful parameters from a character in the view so you can access them even with the view maximized and the parameter editor hidden.

HUD (Heads Up Display) sliders appear in the viewer and controls a parameter on a node. They can stay visible when the parameter’s node is not selected. You can group sliders together, move them around the view, and choose when they're visible.

How to


HUD sliders are disabled when you use some Houdini tools such as View. If your HUD sliders appear dimmed, switch to another tool to re-enable the HUD sliders.

To...Do this

Create a HUD slider

Drag a parameter from the parameter editor into the viewer, then click HUD Slider.

After you create the slider you can optionally move and resize it (see below).

Remove a HUD slider

Right-click the slider and turn off the Persistent checkbox.

Edit a slider’s range

  1. Right-click the slider and choose Handle Parameters.

  2. Enter the values for the low end and high end of the slider.

  3. If you want to prevent the value from being dragged out of the range, turn on Lock Low and/or Lock High.

Switch between positioning/resizing sliders and using them

  • To make a slider movable/resizable, right-click it and turn off Locked.

  • To make the slider usable again, right-click it and turn on Locked.

Position and resize a slider

Unlock the slider so it’s movable/resizable (see above). To move the slider, drag the slider bar. To resize the slider, drag the right edge of the slider box.

Dock sliders together to move/resize them as a group

Drag a slider next to another slider or group of similar size. The slider will automatically dock itself with the other slider(s).

Break up docked sliders

Right-click the slider you want to ungroup and turn off Docked.

Show/hide HUD sliders

Right-click the Handles tool in the toolbox to the left of the viewer. Use this menu to turn any handles and HUD sliders on or off.


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