Houdini 20.0 hapi

hapi.mergeHIPFile function

Loads a .hip file into the main Houdini scene.

In threaded mode, this is an async call!

This method will merge the HIP file into the scene. This means that any registered hou.hipFile event callbacks will be triggered with the hou.hipFileEventType.BeforeMerge and hou.hipFileEventType.AfterMerge events.


mergeHIPFile(session: hapi.Session, file_name: str, cook_on_load: bool) → int

Loads a .hip file into the main Houdini scene.


The session of Houdini you are interacting with. See hapi.Session for more on sessions. Pass None to just use the default in-process session.


Absolute path to the .hip file to load.


Set to True if you wish the nodes to cook as soon as they are created. Otherwise, you will have to call hapi.cookNode explicitly for each after you call this function.

Returns file_id as a int.