If you have a format that you would like to be able to read and/or write, you can write a converter from your file format to the equivalent native Houdini format and/or a converter from the equivalent native format to your format. Then, add an entry to the appropriate IO table in $HFS/houdini/support. The converter program can appear anywhere in the Houdini search path.

Data type Intermediate format I/O table






Image Any supported image format



You should generally not modify files in $HFS/houdini. Copy the files under $HOME/houdiniX.Y and modify them there.

Each line of an I/O table file contains the filename suffix, the command to read the custom format (in quotes), and the command to write the custom format (in quotes). Use %s to represent the filename in the quoted commands.

Future formats will be added using this method.

Supported file formats