The MPlay audio open dialog has extra controls for opening audio data.


The audio file to load. You can open any supported audio, data or channel format.

Frame Alignment

Aligns the start of the audio with a given animation frame. You can use the animation frame field, audio time field, or both to align the audio track.

Audio Level

Scales the volume of the loaded audio.

Always Synch Audio to

This synchronizes the audio to a certain FPS. This is useful if there are several sequences with different frame ranges, and you need to sync the audio to one of them. Normally, this just follows the global frame rate in MPlay.

Audio Scrub Sustain

Sustains the audio preview while scrubbing the playbar. This makes it easier to identify the sound while scrubbing slowly.

Scrub Rate

This is the rate, in updates per second, that the audio is updated when scrubbing.

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