In MPlay, choose Windows ▸ Preferences to show the global preferences window.

Frame Range

The global frame range.


The global frame step. A step of 1 plays every frame, 2 plays every other frame, 3 plays every 3rd frame, and so on.

Frame Rate

The global rate at which sequences play back (in frames per second).

Change rate of all sequences

When the Frame Rate field above is changed, copy the rate to all loaded sequences.

Real Time

MPlay will attempt to play the sequence back as closely to realtime as possible. (It may not do realtime playback on the first pass if disk access is not fast enough to load images in realtime.)

Play Mode

Sets the playbar mode to Loop, Play Once, or Zig-Zag.

Load Components

Normally MPlay loads color and alpha planes, if present. However, you can conserve memory can be loading the color components only. This applies to all RGBA image formats. The Houdini PIC format loads planes on demand, so this setting does not affect PIC sequences.

Missing Frames

Specifies the method for replacing missing frames.

Use Nearest Frame

Shows the closest frame in time.

Use Previous Frame

Shows the last valid frame before the missing frame.

Use Next Frame

Shows the next valid frame after the missing frame.

Use Black Frame

Shows black.

Convert from 10bit Log

If this option is turned on, the cineon files which are stored in logarithmic format are converted to linear space. If this option is turned off, the files remain in log space.

LUT File

The transform from log to linear is defined in an external LUT file.

White point

The cineon white point value, if a LUT is not used. This parameter affects the overall brightness.

Film gamma

The gamma curve to apply, if a LUT is not used. This parameter affects the midtones.

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