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What’s new in Houdini 17 Character animation and rigging

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Keyframe animation

  • Redesigned playbar for quick access to animator tools.

  • Simplified channel editing workflow.

  • Simplified Animation Editor interface with stats display.

  • Redesigned Channel List interface.

  • Color coded parameter boxes highlight selected channels.


Pose Library

  • Revamped user interface.

  • Poses and clips can now be organized into directories.

  • Support for storing clips in Clip, BClip and compressed BClip formats.

  • Redesigned library backend storage format.

  • Improved library loading times.

Character Picker

  • Support for multi-button selection.

  • New box picking and lasso picking selection tools.

  • New grid and snapping options.

  • New panning and zooming navigation controls.

  • New workflow for easy button creation from selected viewport objects.

What was new in Houdini 17