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What’s new in Houdini 17 Interactive modeling

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  • TopoBuild enhancements.

  • New PolyDraw shelf tool for freehand topology creation.

  • Multi-object translation (and rotation) in local space.

  • Edit tool enhancements.

  • More sticky keys for quick access to essential tools.

Modeling aids

  • New tools for fast snapping and orientation.

  • Quick-view and and quick-construction plane memories, like quickmarks in the network editor.

  • Edit construction plane with handle. Snap and orient construction plane to geometry.

  • Creation shelf tools place new geometry on the construction plane.

  • Optional tinting of back-facing polygons


  • Hold ⌃ Ctrl to snap translate and rotate handle to intuitive values. (The default handle snapping amount is 15°. You can customize the snapping amount in the handle parameters.)

  • Translate and rotate handles display numerical feedback as you drag.

  • Ladder widget on rotation values shows intuitive deltas.

  • 3D scale handle has cleaner look.

  • Improved pivot handling.

What was new in Houdini 17