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What’s new in Houdini 17 Rendering, UVs, and HQueue

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  • Light path expressions let you specify contributions by “pattern matching” against criteria such as origin, bounce types, and destination.

  • New PBR SSS sampling for faster convergence in shadowed areas.

  • Much lower memory footprint when rendering packed primitives in certain scenarios.

  • Support for multiple global illumination lights enabled at the same time.

  • Data window support for deep EXR.

  • Alembic layering.

  • OpenColorIO enhancements.

  • If you have a point attribute measuring acceleration (accel), you can now turn on acceleration motion blur per-object (Geometry object → Render tab → Sampling sub-tab → set Geometry motion blur to “Acceleration blur”).

    Velocity motion blur used the velocity attribute (v) to do linear motion blur.
    Acceleration motion blur uses the change in velocity to more accurately blue objects turning at high speed.
    Angular acceleration blur works with object spin, such as these fast-spinning cubes.


  • UV Autoseam SOP automatically cuts a model in UV islands using heuristics.

  • Redesigned UV Flatten SOP with better visualization, new constraints, and improved workflow.

  • Redesigned UV Layout SOP with extremely efficient packing, exact precision, island matching, and more control.

  • UV Transform now twice as fast.

  • New UV visualization options.


  • Pyro shader support for heat, density and temperature.


  • License resource and custom resource tracking on the farm.

  • IFD generation can now be distributed across multiple machines.

  • New Render Retries option in the HQueue Render ROP.

  • HQueue documentation now available and searchable in Houdini help.

  • Support for running multiple HQueue Clients on the same machine.

  • New methods in the Python API for editing client groups, querying how many jobs are waiting on the farm, terminating clients, etc.

  • New description field in the clients table.

What was new in Houdini 17