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Improved erosion

  • Much more realistic hydro and thermal erosion (complete redesign).

    The erosion algorithm is more aggressive, gives much better feathering of fluvial lines, better water transport, and more thermal erosion leading to sharper peaks.

  • Fewer frames needed to create erosion compared to 16.5.

  • Water channels created faster and longer compared to 16.

  • Main parameters can now be masked.

  • More control and faster operation.

  • Better simulation of debris.

  • Heightfield Slump we have a new feature to Slump mode “Granular” that instead of creating smooth areas creates bumpy areas that resemble rough concrete.


  • Scattered points stay locked in position.

  • Each scattered point can have a variant attribute that controls, for example, which type of tree, or which rock shape, will be instanced on that point.

New nodes


  • Added a high-level workflow for generating realistic-looking terrain using the Heightfield tools.

What was new in Houdini 17