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What was new in Houdini 17.5

New features and changes in Houdini 17.5.

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New Task Operator Network (TOPs)

See the introduction in the how to use TOPs chapter

  • Built with new Procedural Dependency Graph (PDG) technology.

  • Automate and scale pipeline tasks, including FX pipelines.

  • Describe and visualize dependencies to maximize compute efficiency.

  • Distribute Tasks intelligently using Local, HQueue, Deadline, or Tractor schedulers.

  • Convenient shelf tools for typical wedging operations.

  • Nested wedging supports create many variants of data, such as models, simulations and more.

  • Process Houdini Digital Assets (HDAs) in parallel.

  • Create large scale procedural environments by chaining a system with HDAs.

  • Bring unparalleled scale to Houdini Engine through the API extension for PDG.

  • Automate applications such as Houdini and Maya using command chains.

  • Higher level support for Mantra, Geo and Alembic ROPs, other ROPs also supported through ROP Fetch node.

  • Script, manage and schedule work items using Python.

  • Rich set of built-in nodes to enhance pipeline functionality:

    • Data import and export using CSV, SQL, JSON and XML nodes.

    • Interface with Shotgun to bring in and manage assets.

    • Create Image Mosaics using ImageMagick.

    • Assemble frames into movies using ffmpeg.

    • Asset management system nodes such as Perforce.

  • Communicate pipeline events to team using the Send Email TOP.

  • Standalone Pilot PDG app for working exclusively with TOP graphs.


  • New Condensation shelf tool on the Particle Fluids shelf.

  • Real-time GPU accelerated pyro/volume shader with self shadowing in the viewport.


RBD / Destruction


  • Real-time GPU accelerated volume shader with self shadowing.

  • New pane type lets you inspect custom python states.

  • High-quality lighting improvements, including 3× framerate for area lights.

  • Python states work at the object level.

  • Better heuristics for near and far clipping planes.

  • Shader parity with Mantra’s Principled shader and other software packages.

  • Better compositing of viewport passes for color correction with OCIO and LUTs.

  • New C-Plane Normal option in the Persp ▸ Home menu to home along construction plane normal.

Modeling / Geometry

  • Ability to display and inspect the geometry of all outputs of a SOP.

  • Fully redesigned Fuse SOP with new snapping and fusion capabilities.

  • Powerful shape analysis and visualization via Measure SOP 2.0.

  • Many feature and performance enhancements to Blend Shapes SOP.

  • Faster Exploded View SOP with the ability to control the direction of expansion.

  • Scatter SOP can now read density texture directly from COPs.

  • Bound SOP computation of axis-aligned or freely-oriented bounding rectangle.

  • Squash and stretch handle for non-uniform scaling.

  • Interactive selection by pattern or surface normal.

  • More compiled SOPs, such as File, Volume, and Cloud Light.

  • Rotations in increments of 90 degrees are now more precise.

  • Construction planes in the orthographic viewport.

  • Voronoi Fracture Points now uses Scatter 2.0, which may change the output slightly.

  • New Post Space Deform SOPs now default to Gaussian interpolation instead of Biharmonic.

  • Group Paint SOP now supports LMB to add points and MMB to delete points, and an Apply to all (flood fill) button.

  • glTF import can promote point attributes to vertex attributes.

  • Attribute String Edit is now compilable.

  • The Facet SOP now has a Group type parameter, letting you specify a point group.

  • In the View tool, ⌃ Ctrl + Alt + MMB now pans the camera screen window.


  • 70% less memory required for erosion.

  • Enhancements to landscape I/O.


  • Blended linear and dual quaternion skinning for FBX I/O.

  • AliceVision photogrammetry support.

  • Dedicated hard surface shader for game developers.

  • MikkT support in PolyFrame SOP.

  • GLTF importer enhancements.

  • UV attribute transfer SOP.

  • Path deformer.

  • Building generator.

  • Spiral generator.

  • Enhanced texture baker.

  • Many other improvements to existing toolset.


  • 4× faster photon map acceleration structure.

  • Simplified shader binding of texture coordinates

  • Light path expressions store unshadowed lighting contributions.


  • New Launcher to install, update and manage Houdini installations (in BETA).

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