Image credit: Artem Smirnov
  • Improved edge detail cutting when noise pushes cutting planes inside the geometry.

  • The RBD Exploded View SOP now has 3 outputs, which allows it to be part of the regular RBD node stream.

    It also has the ability to generate new proxies for any problematic pieces you may notice while using the tool to inspect the geometry.

  • Ability to control custom-cutter trimming and boolean detriangulation settings.

  • Ability to easily scale down the simulation with the Bullet World Scale parameter.

  • The Transform Pieces SOP supports using packed primitives in the second and third inputs to provide the transforms.

  • Voronoi Fracture and Boolean Fracture now have a Fracture Namespace parameter which matches the RBD Material Fracture SOP’s option to add a prefix to an existing name attribute before appending the new piece names.

  • The Extract Transform SOP can now output a matrix attribute as an alternative to the standard instancing attributes.

  • New mode on the Extract Transform SOP, which computes the best-fit transform allowing non-uniform scales.

  • Solaris dive-point for easy setup of destruction FX inside LOPs using the Destruction LOP.

What’s new in Houdini 18.5