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Crowd State 1.0 dynamics node

Defines a Crowd State.

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Crowd State defines the current agent state. By default, the node/state name is used for the clip animation that is played while the agent is in that state. The clip name can be overridden, which allows for sharing of animation clips between states. The node also sets animation parameters for the clips that it uses (retiming of the clips is based on those values).


State Name

Name of the crowd state.

Clip Name

Name of the animation clip to be played in the state.


Clip names must match those written with the Agent ROP.

State Animation

Global Time Offset

This will shift the animation for all agents same amount in seconds.

Random Time Offset

This will shift the animation start randomly per agent up to the amount specified in seconds.

Inplace Gate Speed

How fast the agent is moving in the inplace animation. This is used when the animation is retimed to the particle speed.




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