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Labs Motionvector Shader geometry node

Viewport shader for motion vector textures

This shader can be used to distort a sprite texture based on it’s uv’s and a motion vector texture (generated by the Motion Vectors ROP)


Diffuse Texture

The texture to distort. Usually this would be a smoke or explosion texture sheet.

Motion Vector Texture

A normalised, texture space motion vector texture


Current time in the playbar. Decides which frame in a texture sheet will be displayed.


A multiplier to slow down or speed up the general playback of the texture sequence.

Apply Double MotionVector

This creates a smoother transition when blending the texture values. Turning this off is faster to compute but probably unneccesary in the viewport.


No. of images in the y direction of the texture sheet.


No. of images in the x direction of the texture sheet.


A multiplier of the distortion effect created by the motion vector texture. Generally this should be 1 / $FPS.

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