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Clump Hair shelf tool

Lets you interactively pull hair into a clump.

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Use this tool allows you to interactively pull hair into a clump. The area you first click will be the center of your clump. The further you drag away, the more the fur will clump together. It is useful for creating clumps or tuffs of fur.

Using Clump Hair

  1. Click the Clump Hair tool on the Grooming tab.

  2. Click where you want your clump of hair, and drag away from that point to determine how strong the clump will be.


Scrolling the mouse wheel or holding ⇧ Shift while dragging will let you resize your brush.

For specific parameter information, see the Guide Groom help.


  • To unclump the hair, you can use the Smooth Hair tool on the shelf to make it less clumpy.

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