Houdini 19.0 Shelf tools

Glue Adjacent shelf tool

Creates glue constraints between adjacent RBD objects.

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This tool is similar to RBD Glue Object, however instead of gluing all pieces to each other, only pieces that are adjacent are constrained. The Glue Adjacent tool creates four nodes: a Constraint Network and a Glue Constraint Relationship in the DOP network, and a Connect Adjacent Pieces SOP and an Attrib Wrangle SOP in a new geometry object.


This tool only works with the Bullet Solver. You can change the type of solver in the Solver Engine dropdown menu on the Rigid Body Solver.


To remove the name prefix, you can change the Object Names parameter on the DOP Import SOP from Use Full Path to Object to Use DOP Object Name.

How to

  1. Select any simulated objects you want to glue together.

  2. In the Rigid Bodies shelf tab, click Glue Adjacent.

You will see a little black line appear between the objects once they are glued.

The tool will create glue constraints between selected objects that are close together. This lets you, for example, select a whole stack of boxes and use Glue Adjacent to glue each box to its neighbors. If the objects you are trying to glue are too far apart, you can increase the Search Radius on the Connect Adjacent Pieces SOP.

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