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Plant Guides shelf tool

Lets you stick individual guides on the surface of your character.

This tool allows you to stick individual guides on the surface of your character. You can put a few guides down, groom them, and the hair will be interpolated between the guides. This is a useful tool to use if your model might change, since it allows you to work with a small number of hairs that can easily be transplanted. It can be used for a small number of hairs such as whiskers, or for characters that are completely covered in hair.

Using Plant Guides

  1. Click the Plant Guides tool on the Grooming tab.

  2. Place the guides by clicking on the skin of the character.


Scrolling the mouse wheel or holding ⇧ Shift while dragging will let you resize your brush.


Plant Guides will interpolate the length and shape of the guides, based on the surrounding guides. If there are no existing guides, the first guide will be perpendicular to the surface of the skin with a default length of 0.1.

For specific parameter information, see the Guide Groom help.

Guide Brushes tab