Creates a smooth muscle surface that can be used to deform a character’s skin in a realistic way.

See also: Deform Muscle, Inflate

This tool is used when modeling characters. Once you create the muscle, you can you can use the muscle control handles to sculpt it. Also, since you can animate the muscle controls, you have infinite sculpting possibilities.

The muscle consists of five points, which are spaced evenly along the muscle. There are two end points, a middle point, and middle points between each end and the middle of the muscle. You can change the position of the three middle points using the Position sliders in the parameter editor. However, you cannot change the position of the end points in the parameter editor. To move the end points you must move them in the scene view. Since the muscle is divided into sections, you can define how many primitives (metaballs) there are per segment.

Muscle scaling can also be done in the parameter editor for each individual muscle segment in x, y, and z positions, instead of on a global scale, which immensely expands your modeling and animation options.

Using Muscles

  1. Click the Muscle tool on the Character tab.

  2. Select the parent objects in the desired order and press Enter to confirm your selection.


Muscles are usually attached to null objects, which are attached to bones.

The muscle is made of metaballs, which can be scaled and manipulated in the parameter editor.

For specific parameter help see the Muscle node help.