Pose Library

The Pose Library lets you capture and load character poses and clips.

See also: Pose Tool

The Pose Library allows you to save and load character poses and even simple character animations. It saves poses by capturing the keyed frames and parameter values for all the scoped channels of a character. Poses and clips are stored on disk in $HOUDINI_PATH/poselib, or as specified by the $POSE environment variable.

The Pose Library is not restricted to working with characters. You can use it to capture and retrieve channel data on any object node.

Saving a pose

  1. Click Pose Library on the Character tab of the shelf to show the pose library interface.

  2. Select the object for which you want to save the current pose, and scope the channels you want to capture.

    The node you select must be at the scene level (/obj).

  3. In the Pose Library, click Save Pose.

  4. Enter information about the pose.

    • To enter the frame range, you can move the timebar in Houdini to the appropriate frame and then click Grab Start Frame or Grab End Frame to fill in the corresponding field. For poses, the start and end frames should be the same.

    • Turn on Set key frames if you want the pose to set keyframes on your character when you select it.

    • Turn on Animate Thumbnail to create an animated thumbnail in the pose gallery.

  5. Click Save.

    Houdini adds the pose to the pose gallery.

Loading a pose

  1. Select the object to which you want to apply a pose or clip.

  2. In the pose library, click the pose.

    Houdini applies the saved channels of the pose to the selected object.

Removing a pose

Click the X in the top-left corner of the pose thumbnail image.

Creating and navigating Folders

You can create folders in the library to organize poses.

  1. To create a folder, click New Directory.

  2. Type the name of the folder and click Create.

    You will return to the gallery inside the newly created folder.

  3. You can return to the parent folder by clicking the up button at the top of the Pose Library.

    The up button moves one level up in the directory tree. The home button jumps directly to the Pose Library’s top level. The refresh button reloads the contents of the current folder.

  4. To go into a folder, click the folder’s icon.